An open letter to anyone who wants
to make BIG MONEY betting on sports...

"Sports Bettors: Here's The ONLY Proven Sports Betting System In Existence That Helps You Make Money In 2 Easy Ways"

Win More Picks, Increase Your Bankroll, and Put More Profits In Your Bank Account... Even If You Don't Have ANY Sports Knowledge or Betting Experience At All!

Here's the completely new and revolutionary system I use to make thousands of dollars every month betting on sports... working less than an hour a day from home. And I guarantee it will be just as profitable for you... in fact, I'll prove it to you.

In just a short time from today... you'll be sitting at your home computer... counting the money that's flowed into your bank account... because you've finally found the one profitable sports-betting system that eliminates risks... and provides you with the most statistically valid chance of winning!

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you currently bet on sports... or you're thinking about betting on sports... I'm going to show you how to make a LOT more money in less time.

I don't mean just a few dollars... here and there. I mean real money. More than you ever dreamed possible.

Maybe you want to pay off some of your credit card bills. Maybe you want to take your buddies to Vegas for the weekend.

Maybe you'd like to spend more time on the beach... or tell your boss to take a hike.

Maybe you just want enough money to do whatever it is you want to do... whenever you want to do it!

Believe it or not, this is all possible. I know, because I did it myself.

Better yet... you can start at home, work in your spare time, and soon make enough to do ANYTHING you want to do.

Now, before you cast this off as another get-rich scheme... please hear me out because it's important.

This is about an instant way to use your computer and your love of sports to create a BIGGER bank account from scratch... without using loans, credit cards, or getting into ANY debt.

And it's why I believe sports betting is one of the best ways for anyone to make A LOT of money... and fast... in these tough economic times.

When I say you can make money fast...

I Mean As Much As $1000 a Week Like I've Done

Each and every week... money in your pocket and cash in your bank account.

Sure, that might seem like a boatload of cash.

But honestly, that's CHUMP CHANGE compared to what you could make if you're REALLY driven to succeed.

Combine your motivation with my sports-betting system and you can easily do better.

Whether you're a die-hard gambler, a sports lover, or someone who hates betting AND sports... the truth is... betting on sports can be very profitable.

I should know, I've made a very good living from the bets I've won.

I get to work at home... WHEN I want and HOW MUCH I want. I'm done with alarm clocks, bosses, and 1-hour commutes.

Who Doesn't Want That Freedom, Right?

And if you're willing to work a few hours a week on a proven system that's guaranteed to bring you a large, steady stream of residual income... I'm going to show you how to do it too!

But let me warn you. If you're expecting complex ideas or difficult business systems to learn, you'll be disappointed.

This step-by-step system is extremely simple... you literally set it up and let it run on autopilot... going about your day as normal.

And all the while, it continues to bring you paychecks, each and every week...

Whether You Decide To Work Or Not!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, I thought so too, but what I discovered is nothing short of amazing.

Here's the story...

My name is Ben. For over 7 years now... my proven betting system has won me thousands of dollars... month after month.

With a lot of hard work... and a little luck... I've "cracked the code" to making big money with my sports betting system... and now I want to help YOU do the same.

Because like many people, I've tried anything and everything to make money.

All of my early business attempts were disasters. I lost more money than I made.

But I always, always believed that I'd make it. I knew that success was something I could learn.

So I thought long and hard to come up with a list of things I didn't want in my life.

  • I didn't want to listen to a demanding boss.
  • I didn't want an alarm clock waking me up.
  • I didn't want to waste my day stuck in traffic.
  • I didn't want to spend time away from home
  • I didn't want to work for someone else and make them rich.

I Really Wanted The Freedom To Do What I Wanted!

I wanted enough money to get everything I wanted.... and enough freedom to travel anywhere and at any time.

So about 7 years ago... I started betting on sports in order to have more freedom and flexibility in my life.

After all... I loved sports... I loved watching and betting on them.

Since I had bet on sports a little here and there in the past and had done very well... I dedicated more of my time to learning the "ins and outs" of sports betting.

I started following all the sports-betting systems and the sports databases. I became like a human sponge and started soaking up all the information I could find.

I continued reading, researching, observing, and analyzing the techniques that all sports bettors used naturally.

I tried so many systems and handicapping services that just left me barely breaking even... if not losing on the average every month.

I had a ton of friends that loved to bet as well. We used to compare picks that we got from different so-called "systems". But no one could find a consistent system that earned a profit every week.

It was very frustrating and started to become a very expensive habit.

But I knew there were professionals out there making money on a consistent basis and even earning a really good living just by wagering on sports. I needed to know how they were doing it.

I was determined to find out...

  • Who the real winners were in this game
  • What systems they were using
  • Where the system came from
  • What kind of money management system they used
  • What systems were real and what systems just set you up for failure in the long run?

Thankfully... after all the years in the business... I had some connections to the betting world. And like I said... I was determined to find out if there really was a winning system out there.

And Then It Happened...
Almost By Pure Accident!

So I called a good friend of mine who now lives in Vegas. He used to work with a professional handicapping service. I started picking his brain for every bit of information I could get.

I knew my friend was a good handicapper. I knew he had a ton of information on how real professional handicappers get their picks and how to accurately place your bets so that you could manage your bankroll and gain a profit each and every week.

He told me that in succesfully handicapping sports... it's all about statistics... not your favorite team.

In fact... he told me to never bet on your favorite team... unless it falls into our system. He told me to take the emotion out of betting.

Being the entreupenur that I was, I saw the business opportunity in building a team of professionals.

I asked him to team up with me and become part of this team I was starting.

I hired a real statician firm with experience in designing systems for sports betting. Sure... it cost me a ton of money... but I knew there was potential in really making a big impact on this industry!

I had now put together an All-Star Team of professionals in the field of statistics, handicappers, sports analaysts, and marketing experts.

Our team uses every statistic possible to cut the risk down as much much as possible. We gather... on a daily basis... the inside information on players injuries and anything else that will effect the outcome of a game.

And with our unique "filter systems" we save you money by holding wagers that other systems have you bet on!

My years of researching the sporting databases in a pursuit to develop a winning sports-betting system finally paid off because I developed one of the biggest breakthroughs ever achieved when...

I Finally "Cracked the Code"
To Winning More Sports Bets!

After putting together the team, and new 5 star system, I deposited $200 into a sportsbook account.

In just three short months... I turned $200 into $12,000!

That's $1000 per week! I was so excited!

I had never made that much wagering on sports before, especially winning every week!

Within a few months, after refining and perfecting this system, I started winning even more and more bets.

For once, instead of losing money all the time... I really started profiting.

Finally... An Easier Sports-Betting
System That Actually Worked!

I couldn't believe it when I started making $1,000 and more per bet.

While some of my other buddies were working hard at their jobs... slaving away at the 9 to 5 rat race... I was done the "work day" before they even had lunch!

And I sure made a lot more money than they did.

While they were listening to some arrogant boss... I was out enjoying my day, going to the beach, going to see a movie, or having a leisure coffee at a bookstore.

I was making more money in a month than most of the people I knew made in a year...and all that for spending just 5 minutes a day using my fool-proof system!

Every day... my bankroll AND my bank account was getting bigger and bigger. I actually took in as much as $2022 once, in a single day.

And since that time, I've never looked back.

Take a look at an incredible win-loss betting record I've recently had...


March 2010 5Star Totals---

3 Star 5= Wins 7= Loss
3.5 Star 21= Wins 13= Loss
4 Star 32= Wins 14= Loss
4.5 Star 43= Wins 11= Loss
5 Star 5= Wins 0= Loss

April 2010 5Star Totals---

3.5 Star 7= Wins 4= Loss
4 Star 13= Wins 6= Loss
4.5 Star 11= Wins 2= Loss
5 Star 4= Wins 0= Loss

May 2010 5Star Totals---Through 5/8/2010

3.5 Star 8= Wins 2= Loss
4 Star 13= Wins 3= Loss
4.5 Star 6= Wins 2= Loss
5 Star 1= Wins 1= Loss

The key to winning sports bets, is all in statistics, patience, and understanding how to manage your money.

We knew that in order to teach people how to win at sports betting, we needed to have a solid system.

Not only that... we needed a money management system that shows exactly how much to bet depending on whatever amount you have in your bankroll.

Our money management system shows you how to accurately place the appropiate amount on a bet depending on what star ranking we give that particular pick.

The best part is, now...

I Have The Freedom To Do What
I Want... When I Want!

Here's how I spend my typical day: I wake up at 9 every morning, eat breakfast, go to work whenever I want and finish whenever I want.

By the way, work for me is about 30 feet away... out on the deck of my pool... working on my laptop while soaking in some sun.

I log onto my computer, place a bet that falls under the criteria of my system, and then I log off.

When all is said and done... I work about an hour a day. Usually a LOT less. And I make more money in one day than I used to make ALL MONTH!

How does making over $1,000 a week for doing almost nothing sound to you?

If I do want to travel, I hop in my new sports car and take a ride down to the local coffee shop and sit outside with my laptop, leisurely sipping a coffee while the pretty women walk by.

How Would You Like To
Have This Kind Of Lifestyle?

Now... even though you can make a killing by betting on sports... the story doesn't stop there!

I set a goal to become successful at betting on sports... and at the same time, help others become successful at their own business too!

So... not only did I come up with something different... a completely new and consistent formula for generating money and making a steady profit while betting on sports...

But I also made the entire thing a proven business opportunity!

After weeks and weeks of trial and error and trying every idea under the sun, I took my knowledge about sports and sports betting... and used it to start a sports betting system and business opportunity

Introducing The 5-Star Sports Picks
Betting System and Business Opportunity

If you're into making a lot of money without doing a ton of work... there's nothing like betting on sports... especially if you happen to love sports like I do (but as you'll see... even that's not necessary!)

This is as close to an automatic income generator that I've ever seen.

You can make money in your spare time, doing it as a hobby.... or you can do it fulltime and make a boat load of cash.

One of the main advantages of betting on sports is the small amount of money necessary to start... that you can then increase your bankroll and plow your profits back into bigger and bigger paydays!

With sports betting, you can start with almost nothing and make yourself completely financially independent in just a short time.

I did it myself, and I want to show you how to do it. I'm no smarter, luckier, or harder working than you.

Here's The Quick And Easy Way
To Make Big Money Betting On Sports

I honestly feel... based on all the other systems I've tried... that this is the best money-making betting system that can be used by anyone.

My own sports-betting business brings in thousands of dollars... again and again. And now I want to help you do the same.

With the right powerful money-making system to profit on sports... a complete sports and betting newbie could use it to earn a ton of money in just a few short weeks.

You see, I have a special system of picking and betting on sports games that takes a lot of the guesswork out of it.

So what you're left with is the most STATISTICALLY VALID chance for something to happen... and your team to win.

With my system... you can start with very little money and soon bankroll it into a huge nest egg that makes you financially independant.

Believe me, it's easier than you think.

But What If You Don't
Know Anything About Sports?

That's not a problem at all because there's NO sports OR betting experience needed!

Whether you love sports and betting... or you're just an regular, ordinary person looking to make extra cash... the sports betting industry is set up so anyone with money can place a bet on any game.

And the best part is... even with no betting experience or sports knowledge... you can double your money by the end of the game without any work involved!

You too can lead the same stress-free life that I do, by quickly and easily transforming your computer into a machine that creates cash for you everyday the games are played!

It's like following a roadmap... you don't need experience in reading a roadmap in order to look at it, follow it, and get where you want.

If you can read and follow directions, I'll make you a very successful bettor... one that increases your profits and income dramatically.

After all, that's what systems do.... they're created, after years of trial and error... to cut out the guesswork and make it HIGHLY probable for something to happen.

In other words... follow our low-hassle system and you're going to eliminate all of the risks that most losing bettors stumble upon.

The kind of money you're about to make is usually only seen by the big players and sports betting gurus who have learned these tricks after years of bad luck and betting struggles.

Well, not anymore. This system will have you making the sportsbooks look foolish and start putting more cash into your bank account!

And better yet, you can do it without any years of education or training... you can actually start as early as tonight!

The 5 Star Sports Betting System
Does All The Work For You....

We've done all the research and digging for you... our system provides you the security and comfort of knowing that we've designed it based on what works... so you have the best chance at choosing the winning picks.

We'll help you find the picks that offer you the best chance of winning and being a long-term success.

After years of researching some of the best sports-betting systems in history... our team of experts have developed a 5-star betting system!

We make it "at a glance" easy for you... by rating the number of stars to the best statistics from a 3 to 5 stars

We've done all the time-consuming work. We've tested and studied the outcomes of these systems... right down to the most exact details.

And because of that... you can stop spending money on systems that overpromise... but that don't deliver anything..

Our filters help us give you more accurate statistics to help you win money..

Plus... with our money management system... we teach you the techniques to treat this as an investment.

Avoid Getting Scammed By
These Other Sports Betting Sites

Most of these systems... or the so-called "handicappers" who teach them... are not really out for your best interest.

They don't teach you everything you need to know about the systems. In fact, our job isn't just to WIN you money... it's to SAVE you money that otherwise could be lost.

For example... some of our techniques will even show you when NOT to take a bet! You'll only be betting on particular games where the system has calculated to have exceptionally high chances of winning.

The system takes into consideration a number of LEARNED, STATISTICAL factors and circumstances surrounding each game... and determines which of them will have an exceptionally high probability of success.

You'll be making straight bets and you'll start winning 97%-100% of your bets... year after year.

And I only say that based on my results and the results of those who have used the same system.

You won't be risking anything if you follow my system exactly as I lay it out for you. We take all the guesswork out of profitable sports betting!

We've already spent years of studying the best systems... and testing different methods of handicapping to see what worked... and what didn't.

The end result is what we like to think of as a "super system" that's designed to make you money from winning on more games.

This is about getting rid of all the trial and error... so you're using ONLY what works.

That's how you can get such great results from following this system. We've already spent years of our time and thousands of dollars of our own money... boiling down all the essential elements you need to win.

At Last... Your Money-Making
Sports-Betting Opportunity...

We've developed a tested and proven pick rating system with our very own unique money management system to help you finally gain a profit from your investment... and even get a return on your investment!

It's true... not only will you keep profiting, week after week... from our proven pick ratings... you'll also gain a return on your investment quickly.

So many other systems are confusing and time-consuming, but our system takes no time to figure out. Anyone... and I really do mean anyone... can follow this system.

In fact, whether you have no experience... or you're already a seasoned vet... this system will have you getting BIGGER wins... more OFTEN.

But don't just take our word from it... check what other sport investors are saying about the 5 Star betting System...


Just imagine what a successful sports betting lifestyle will bring you... a life of financial security, independence and perhaps most important of all, personal joy and fulfillment.

And it doesn't matter who you are or what you're earning now... if you have the urge to get ahead... you can be a very successful sports bettor...

With Practically NO Investment At All

I've already invested thousands of my own hard-earned money, developing the "5 Star Sports Picks" program over the years.

After refining and perfecting this system, I got so much positive feedback from this software program, I just knew I had to share this with others.

I've worked hard over the years putting together a team of talented people, dedicated to bringing this incredible sports betting system to more people.

I've surrounded myself with truly good hearted professionals, who believe in my vision of providing a tool that helps anyone win more games... as well as help them start their own profitable business.

And now I'd love you to join us as well, by helping other people improve their lives... and making yourself money in the process!

Become A 5 Star Sports Picks
Distributor And Reseller!

I've set up a distributorship program where you can sell the "5 Star Sports Picks" program to others and keep the profits yourself!

And because it teaches you how to take a small investment and turn it into a fat paycheck... there's a HUGE market for it, with HUGE potential.

Just think of the massive number of people you can help:

  • Men and women
  • Any age
  • Sports lovers or Average Joes
  • Any financial group
  • All ethnic backgrounds
  • Different languages
  • Home Based Business Opportunity seekers
  • Direct marketing professionals
  • MLM companies

It Can Bring You A True Fortune!

There's no business in the world that gives you so many advantages:

  • Low start-up cost

  • High mark-up and profits on the product.

  • Work at home - no need for costly storage space or office rent

  • Build a steady income by working as much or as little as you want

  • This system is extremely unique so there's little if any competition

  • You control your business 100% with no power-hungry boss staring over your shoulder watching every move you make

  • You never have to sit through rush-hour traffic again... you have a simple two-minute commute from your bed to the kitchen table

  • You can give yourself a raise ANY time you like

Quite simply, "5 Star Sports Picks" has allowed thousands of men and women from all walks of life to start their own business with a very small investment... that build towards financial independence.

You can use "5 Star Sports Picks" to start your own business or you can make some extra cash in your spare time, doing it as a hobby.

The choice is yours, it's up to you how big you want to become.

And your best chance of success is to cut out the trial and error that I had to go through when I had no one to advise me.

So How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount of money you can make is virtually unlimited. It depends on the amount of time that you want to put into your business.

Some people want to work just enough to make a little extra money that will help pay some bills, take a vacation, or buy the new toys you want.

Maybe you just want enough money to do anything you want to do.

Others want to make enough to create a whole new life, where they can take the most exotic vacations, pay for their cars with cash, and never have to worry about money again.

How much money would help you live the life you want... get the things you want to get... do the things you want to do?

The Choice Is Yours!

It's up to you how much you want to make.

I've seen many millionaires created from sports betting. But the most successful ones ALWAYS followed a winning system.

Personally... I've had $2000 deposited into my bank account... in one day. Most days it's a little less... but it's still more than I EVER made at a J-O-B!

And what I did you can do... we're no different.

In fact... you can do it easier than I did.

Because it took me years and trying hundreds of different systems for me to finally become successful.

If you decide to use my system to bet on sports, you'll have an unfair advantage over other bettors because you'll know it's proven to work.

You'll have an expert behind you... guiding you every step of the way... showing you what mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them.

In no time at all you'll be able to...

Quit Your 9-to-5 Job
And Be Your Own Boss...

You'll get that nice home, that new car you want, take that cruise and do everything you've always wanted to.

Just starting out small and working in your spare time, with my system, you can make as much as a thousand dollars a day.... or maybe even more like I did.

I can guarantee that once you know how to profitably bet on sports, you'll never have to worry about money again.

And you don't have to spend the money on all the other different systems like I did... trying to extract the stuff that works from the stuff that doesn't.

You'll learn what no amount of present-day, formal education will teach you. You'll learn how to make money. And you'll never be without work.

It's Easy And Automated

If you decide to use my system to start your own business, you'll have an advantage over other business startups because you won't need bank loans or credit cards.

You can start virtually on a shoestring and grow rapidly.

One of the main advantages of the "5 Star Sports Picks" business is the small amount of money necessary to start.

In fact, many average people could never hope to go into business because of expensive leases, fixtures, inventories, employees, and necessary cash on hand.

Do you know of any other opportunity that gives you a chance to accomplish so much...while you build your own business from such a modest start?

What price can you put on your freedom and the flexibility of doing what you want, when you want? And never having to listen to a boss again.

You'll set your own working schedule, forget about ever being fired, and build your own business just as fast as your motivation allows.

I truly believe "5 Star Sports Picks" is the fastest, simplest, and easiest way for you to make money on the internet.

By selling the program yourself... you'll have a business opportunity that will increase your financial net worth through the development and sales of a proven sports betting system.

Help Yourself, Help
Others And Make Money

It's literally a complete A to Z business-building-system "in a box".

"5 Star Sports Picks" can make you money as a result of helping others to make better picks on their games.

Everyone who is interested in betting on sports can use this business opportunity to make more money and get ahead.

And since I've been selling the program to others, I've been able to run a comfortable, carefree, successful business... right from home.

For me to live the life and make the money I wanted, I needed a business that could be automated.

And I've done it.

I now have an easy work at home job, working an hour a day, and making more money in a week than I used to earn in a month.

I don't have a boss, I work as much as I want, I live in my dream home.

I can buy all of the things I want, because I can. I do what I want, when I want. I take vacations and see things most people dream about.

I'm completely secure and happy. But most importantly, I'm able to help make a positive and rewarding impact on the lives of others.

Are you catching a glimpse of the kind of money and lifestyle you can have once you become a full-fledged distributor of "5 Star Sports Picks"?

All Of These Things Are Priceless!

I feel so blessed that I had this opportunity. And now I want to help you get started and set yourself free as well.

And if you're going to start your own profitable business, there's nothing better than starting a "5 Star Sports Picks" business.

The "5 Star Sports Picks" Distributor program is a legitimate, proven, and simple business opportunity that can make your financial dreams a reality, as it did for me and thousands of other people.

Did you know that over 20 million people work from home? That's a lot of people, and every year more people are leaving their jobs to start their own home-based business.

There's such a huge market that's looking for a proven opportunity like this... you can finally start and succeed in your very own business!

I've accomplished it and I know you can accomplish it too.

As a Sport Investing Entrepreneur, I've teamed up with a professional handicapper and statician firm to launch the most profitable long term sport investing system the industry has ever seen!

I've developed a one of a kind system that anyone can profit on sports investing and earn a huge residual income in the process!

This All Star team of winners in their own fields are laying it all on the line to show anyone the real tools and techniques to profit in sports betting.

This team will be there to help you, every step of the way. You have a former handicapper and professional gambler, the statician firm, and sports analyst with the inside information and filters... all of these will be working for you!

You have the ability to help other people become successful and help yourself make money in the process.

We've already developed a best-selling product that you can turn around and sell.

When you sign up now, you're becoming a partner of a company working for yourself! You can start building your financial future.

Take a moment to realize just how incredible your life will be once you've implemented just a few aspects of my program. The freedom you'll have to design your life and actually start living it.

You Don't Need To Be Good At Selling

"5 Star Sports Picks" sells itself because it's a quality product that's already in high demand.

The sports betting business is a billion dollar business.

Every single bettor is looking for that edge.

I'm here to give you all of the training and tools you need to help them do this, and help yourself make money at the same time.

As you can see, what I'm offering is the most unique business opportunity ever created on the internet. Nobody has been able to teach you what you're about to learn here.

This is the only training program in the world of it's kind that is designed to do one thing and one thing only...

Teach You How to Make Money And
Help Others Make Money At The Same Time

It's an amazing, comforting feeling knowing that you're making money for yourself, with your own business.

But at the same time, you're helping so many others become successful at making more money as well... by giving them a system for winning more picks!

It makes this an outstanding opportunity for anyone who wants to make a comfortable living from home. This program was specifically designed so that even someone with no business experience at all could succeed!

If you know how to check your email, then you have all it takes to be a successful "5 Star Sports Pick" distributor.

You'll get clear step-by-step instructions, and everything is straight-forward, with easy to follow instructions.

You can choose how often you want to work, achieve financial freedom, and never worry about money ever again!

  • Won't mess up your current schedule
  • Keep your current job
  • Work from home, by computer and phone, when YOU want to—do as much or as little as you want
  • Get an extra income each month!
  • Totally flexible. Absolutely no pressure.
  • No Experience Necessary!
  • Free training and support
  • Use our proven step-by-step systems to build your business online
  • You'll be backed by a trusted company!

You can have all the time you want to take vacations when you want and get rid of your alarm clock for good!

You can do this part time or full time, you can work from home, or anywhere you want.

Best of all, you won't have to answer to a boss or worry about getting fired or laid off.

All of these benefits... and more... are waiting for you as soon as you sign up as a distributor.

This proven system guarantees that you can start making money right away. Remember, you do not need any prior experience. I'll teach you and give you everything you need.

If You're Accepted As A
Distributor, Here's What You'll Get

  • You'll get step-by-step instructions
  • You'll be able to work as little or as many hours as you want
  • You'll have hands-on training
  • You'll be able to contact us for help anytime
  • You'll discover how to build your business from the ground up
  • You'll learn how to make a full-time income
  • You can finally throw your alarm clock away
  • You will never have to worry about money or bills ever again

I'll provide you with the tools and support you need to start building your dream income from home. You'll receive personal support to ensure your success.

All of this information and training makes it possible for you to start transforming your life and making the money you deserve from the comfort of home.

How Much Does This Once
In A Lifetime Opportunity Cost?

Like I said earlier, I've tried hundreds of systems over the years. I've also worked with thousands of people in their pursuit of the right one.

So I know exactly what to look for... and what to stay away from!

Before you even begin thinking about how much my betting system will cost you, I want you to first think about how much it can make you.

After all, this is an investment so you'll want to really consider the profits that come from using it.

Not only that... a sports handicapper typically charges $1000 for his picks in just one sport.

But with this system... I'm not going to charge you $1,000 a year as your handicapper. As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to ask you to pay me anything at all for that!

We have a professional handicapper and statistician working with us.

This System Has Massive Money-Making Potential!

Remember what I said earlier... over 95% of sports bettors fail to make a profit from their bets. Many people throw away their hard-earned cash on sports because they have no strategy.

But not you. You're going to take the gamble out of gambling.

As soon as you gain access to my betting system, you'll become one of the most accurate and knowledgeable sports bettors in the world!

I'm living proof that a methodical sports bettor can not only win, he can walk away with thousands every month... and repeat it again and again!

By the way... this cutting-edge sports betting system applies to the MLB Baseball, NBA & WNBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, NFL Football, NCAA Football.

So there are picks every month of the year and you can turn a profit over the course of any upcoming season you choose!

A Proven System Is Now Available
To Take You From Beginner... To Pro!

And what's more... we're not going to try to sell you some lifetime system... and then keep hitting you for 2.0 upgrades or super new filter system upgrades... or whatever it is they call it... just to keep digging in your pockets...

It's true, even AFTER they ding your card for almost $200... they'll keep trying to get you to "upgrade" or buy the latest and greatest web 2.0 "tool" you need to "so-called" succeed.

Unlike all the other sites that will keep trying to get you to buy other products... this system NEVER needs to be updated!

If there's anything you need to be made aware of... our first-class support team will let you know. And you have access to them anytime you need!

With our system, you pay the same price for every month and same price for the 5-Star each week.

You'll be receiving lifetime picks... as long as your monthly membership doesn't expire.

We might not be the cheapest out there, but when is the cheapest service usually the best?

After all, you really do get what you pay for.

If you pay peanuts for your system... you're going to get monkeys doing your work.

We're a little more than the amateur sites out there.. but we more than make up for it because of the money we MAKE you!

If you go with the cheapest... you could actually LOSE money and profits in the long run because you won't be following a proven, professional system.

Our plan is different in many different ways.

Instead of us pocketing your monthly investment like all the other companies do.. we want to share the opportunity with our members and our affiliates!

Because of the ever-changing nature of this business... and the fact that we want to keep you up to date with the latest picks, tools, and techniques... that's why there's a monthly fee for using this system.

Not only that... since it's in our best interest to have you signed up, each and every month... we're going to bend over backwards to make sure you're happy.

And we're going to do it by giving you the best tools, techniques, and strategies to make sure you're successful... and that you STAY winning.

Once those other companies take your $197... do you really feel they'll KEEP working to make you happy?

Probably not... once they collect your money... you're an afterthought to them.

I'll Work for You to Make
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Because if we really, really help you make more money... you'll stick with us. So it's in our best interests to help you pick winners as well.

Our system will help you find out which picks are winners and which ones to stay clear away from.

We dig, research, and gather information on the games and then rate the picks you according to our standards in terms of a risk factor score.

And we'll present it to you, in an easy to understand format so you can decide, quickly and easily, whether or not a pick is right for you.

It really will help you save both time and money.

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Make the right choice and you could have your very own sports-betting system that can pull in a few thousand dollars or more a month!

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Do NOT make this costly error!

Without using a proven system that works, you'll end up wasting HUNDREDS of hours -- and a LOT of money -- trying to win on bets that are virtually guaranteed to fail.

We use the MOST powerful tools available, so you can QUICKLY and AUTOMATICALLY find out if a pick is indeed a quality, top-notch one.

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Fortunately, our research will help make your decision "at-a-glance" easy.

So there's no need to waste time collecting confusing statistics from multiple sources, and no need to GUESS how your picks will do.

We'll help you get the right picks BEFORE they start costing you money!

You won't have the headaches of buying into a scam system that gives you nothing.... while you send them your hard-earney money!

Thanks to our research, you'll be able to shave off HOURS of time and start making money even FASTER, by making sure you have the best picks chosen for you!

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You'll end up saving potentially WEEKS of time -- and untold thousands of dollars -- when you start off on the right foot like this!

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It's important that you don't look at what you pay each month... but rather how much YOU'LL MAKE each month by using our system.

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And honestly, you actually have TWO WAYS to profit using our system!

First... you get an honest, winning system with a money management system that teaches you how to really profit from betting on sports.

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This system will MAKE you money... not cost you money.

The amount that I ask from you to invest in my sports betting system is a fraction of what you'll make back in profits once you're applying my techniques for the years to come.

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For a small monthly investment, you can instantly become one of the most profitable bettors in the world because you'll have the secrets of the industry's most revolutionary sports betting system.

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It's a tremendous bargain for anyone who's serious about making more money for their family... and doing it in less time that ANY traditional job would do.

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It just makes sense to listen to someone who's been through this and has the experience in this field to make sure you're getting the right picks – don't you agree?

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You'll discover that if you follow my winning system, sports betting will become one of the best investments you can ever make with your money.

There are a number of people out there making good livings from sports betting. There are people making several hundreds of dollars per day... and people like myself are making thousands every day!

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Our sports predictions come from extensive research and statistics developed by experienced statisticians and professional handicappers.

We're real people who are trying to make you REAL money. My partner and I live and work in Florida... we're not some huge faceless corporate company that's trying to just take your money.

We are honest people that want to offer others a proven, sports betting system that was designed by experienced professionals

We're also going to teach you a money management system so you can earn a residual income from your winning betting on sports..

Other systems can't give you half of what 5 Star Sports Systems achieves on a weekly basis.

The majority are not only over-priced but, developed by inexperienced system creators, incompetent no-namers producing huge amounts of tedious material.

But these so called "system sellers" are out to tarnish the industry's reputation with their "Secrets" and "magic" usually followed up by formula or strategy.

That might sound fine on the surface but, when these secret, magic formulas make contact with the bookies, it's only to hand your hard-earned cash over to them.

Look, I'm sure you don't want to make peanuts from your bets. And I'm sure you don't want to spend all day at your computer... studying data and statistics.. and then spending time making and tracking your bets.

This way... you have the facts in front of you... so you can determine whether or not the pick is right for you.

And it will give you an unfair advantage over your bookie.

Please understand that a sports betting system of this caliber is an investment that will pay for itself, many times over... and for many years to come.

It doesn't cost you money - it makes you money.

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Do me a favor, take a minute and daydream...

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After all... this truly is a "one of a kind" Affiliate program, first time ever in this industry. It is powerful compensation plan based on the principals of perpetual leverage, which makes for a fast growing, long term residual income.

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You Only Need 5 People On Your Team To Profit!

The way you build your teams are in intervals of 5.

You put 5 people on your frontline, help those 5 people get to 5 team members, then you start the process over and build a second team of 5 front linesman and so on.

So to join the program, (which is the membership and the automatic affiliate program all in one) it's just $500.

Then you automatically get put on a team, (most likely who ever sent you over to the website or promoted it to you) and you'll have a team member that will be your coach.

This coach will train you and help you get to your first 5 members so your in the profit zone and you've made a return on your investment..


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The next step is... your coach will help you get 5 teammates underneath you to secure your investment. Your coach will get paid for them as well, so it's in his best interest to help you.

You receive $125 per teammate that's on your team, front linesman and second linesman.

If you get to our first level... which you should get to very quickly... that would be 5 people with 5 people. This breaks down to 30 teammates... and you'll make $3250 per month!

Thats over $800 per week just for the first level of 5 with 5. No other program has that powerful of a compensation plan..

And that's only going to grow! The most powerful part of this program is the 2-tiered compensation plan, where you have people recruting new teammates for you.

We'll have a back end office that will track everything and generate reports, show you how many new teammates you've gotten etc..

You get paid twice a month.

The best part about this is that we have a proven marketing system that shows you how to generate leads and get new teammates..

I know $500 dollars may seem like alot of money to some people.

In fact there are a ton of programs out there that are significantly cheaper to promote. But always remember... if you have a high ticket product that pays a huge commision in return... you'll attract more affiliates who can be teammates!

What this means is... you'll spend the same amount of time and effort... but make a lot more money..

Think about this, you can promote 30 people to purchase a product that you make 50% on... but if the ticket value is only $100.. you'll earn $1500 for your efforts. ( 30 X $50 )

That's not bad and if it's a monthly residual and you have to also purchase the $100 per month membership yourself, you'll be profiting $1400 per month.

But with our commission structure, if you get 30 people... which takes the same effort and time... to purchase a product that's $500 per month... you're now making $125 per month from every person instead of $50.

That Gives You $3750.00 Each Month! ( 30 X $125 )

That's a huge difference... and that's why it's actually easier to promote a higher-priced item to other affiliates... they can make more money!

But it doesn't stop there!

You see... on every other affiliate program, no matter what the ticket value is, they only pay you for every affiliate that you bring in.

But with our unique affiliate program, we pay you on every new affiiate you bring in... as well as every new affiliate that they bring in and put on there "front line".

So what happens is that you start making a perpetual residual income, which means you get paid off other affiliates as well!

No Other Affiliate Program Offers This!

This is a one of a kind 2 tier comp plan that pays you on 2 levels.

Then it stops there but it keeps growing wide. That's why this is NOT a multi level pyramid scheme... where they claim to pay you off of ever single person that you sign up and that they sign up.

Those programs do not work and the profits get diminished as you go down the line, which can be frustrating.

This system pays you the exact same $125 for everyone on your team, which makes you help your teammates out and have the ability with our custom back-end program to put affiliates you get underneath your front linesman (your second linesman) which you still get paid and help retain that teammate.

This system has you grow your affiliate team wide instead of deep.

So please, consider the true value of everything you'll receive and have access to when you sign up as a "5 Star Sports Pick" distributor.

I've invested thousands of dollars of my own hard earned money to create this system.

And now you get the massive amount of training and everything else I've done... so you don't have to spend the same amount I did to learn this yourself.

This is the ONLY place to get this sports betting system... because no one else has it.

And I can honestly say... without doing your homework and research... your chances for success when betting on sports are reduced to almost zero.

That's because of all the people that really know this business... and have learned the hidden tricks of the trade... well, they'll eat your lunch.

Think your bookie wants you to know these secrets?

But with a proven system like this, you're now using low-hassle, low-risk methods that cuts out the frustration and greatly increases your odds of winning.

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