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Attention Small Business Owners and Internet Marketers...

"Announcing a Direct Response Copywriter Who Will Guarantee to Increase Your Conversion Rate, Sales, and Profits"

If you're an internet marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur looking to increase sales and cash flow... here's a no-risk offer.

I'll help you generate more sales, increase your profits, put more cash in your bank account, and turn your business around. In fact, I guarantee it...

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Shawn LeBrun and I've been a direct response copywriter and marketing specialist for over 18 years now.

I'm very proud to say that I was recently named one of the 182 Greatest Copywriters of the Internet Age by Joey Bushnell and WebMarketingCircle.

My sales copy has sold over $314 million dollars (and counting) worth of products and services for my clients.

And I can help you increase the sales, profits, and cash flow of your business as well.

In fact, I guarantee I'll outperform your best sales letter by at least 10% in a split-run test.

If I write something for you and it doesn't pull at least 10% more responses, you won't owe me a penny for any work I've done. I'll even refund half of your ad costs, to cover my half of the test.

So in effect, I'm offering you a risk-free trial of my copy's pulling power.

My work will cost you absolutely nothing unless I beat your ad by at least 10%.

A 10% increase in orders means tens or hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in sales and profits.

Feel free to check around with other top-level copywriters, you won't find a guarantee like this.

You Must Meet These 2 Requirements...

1. You must be willing to let me create a sales letter that I think has the best chance of selling. That includes the copy, design, and layout.

Naturally, if you change the design, layout, and copy... the ad is no longer mine and I can't guarantee results.

I've had many clients KILL response rate when they took my copy and made the page look like an ad.

2. You MUST need better sales copy.

If I think your copy is good, I'll tell you. I don't pretend I can help every single marketer out there.... some ads are excellent.

But if you're among the vast majority of businesses using under-performing sales copy... you're leaving a ton of money on the table.

And I'm confident I can help you.

In fact, I've already done it with over 184 clients.

For the past 18 years, I've specialized in direct response copyrighting that has one job: creating advertising that sells.

How Can I Guarantee Results...

I'm able to guarantee results because I rely on proven methods of good salesmanship that have helped me sell millions of dollars worth of products and services in the last 18 years.

My copy isn't based on theory, it's based on the precisely tracked results I've gotten from running thousands of split-run tests. So I know what works and what doesn't when it comes to selling.

1. Your sales letter is salesmanship. So every word and every picture MUST justify itself in helping sales.

It's not about having a pretty site, a fancy logo, or killer graphics.

It's about using the right words that speak to the specific needs or problems of your customers. And when you do that... your prospect will think... "Ah, finally, someone understands me, someone has my solution."

And they'll buy.

2. I'll also help you stand out among your competition... so your prospect sees YOUR product or service as their best option.

I'll be that "fresh pair of eyes" that can look at your business, see what you offer that NO ONE ELSE DOES... and use that to help you cruise ahead in the marketplace and beat your competition.

I'll build your entire sales letter around your unique competitive advantage... so that your prospect feels compelled to buy from you.

I've learned over the last 18 years that a good product with a strong competitive edge and good advertising is almost impossible to beat when it comes to sales.

How Have My Clients Done?

I wish I could say I hit a home run with every single letter I've written, but of course I can't. Many factors outside my control influence conversion rates... like the source of traffic and leads.

But by and large, my clients have done very, VERY well.

  • One sales letter I wrote for a "Quit Smoking" program sold over $253,500 worth of ebooks in less than 43 days.
  • A video sales letter I created for a heartburn product generated $148,300 in just 3 days. Within a year of using my copy, they increased their profits by well over 150%
  • An email series I wrote for a chiropractor brought him $255,200 worth of NEW business last year alone. (It's on track to do EVEN better this year)
  • A "One Time Offer" email I wrote for a supplement company brought in $167,190 in new sales during a 5-day promo. It took them from near-bankruptcy to generating a six-figure income.
  • A sales letter I wrote for a hypnotherapist client brought in 32 new clients. This totaled over $366,000 worth of new revenue for her.
  • A sales letter I did last year for a real estate agent brought in over $650,000 worth of new home sales for him.
  • A sales letter I wrote for a breast surgeon not only produced $330,000 in sales last year, he sold his company for millions.

  • I did a direct mail letter for a local dentist back in 2005 and he said it doubled sales each year. He did 1.4 million last year and had to expand.
  • One client sold 2300 copies of his "Gluten-Free" ebook within 3 days. The copy has converted as high as 6.4% and brought back over $10.23 for every dollar he spent on Google ads.
  • I doubled the profits of a woman selling a $47 dating program... going from $60,000 per year to over $120,000
  • One sales letter I wrote ran for 2 years unchanged and raked in over 2.2 million in sales for my bodybuilding ebook
  • A sales letter one client paid me $2,000 for has brought him over $225,000 in sales in one year.
  • An arthritis supplement I wrote copy for went on to sell over $240,000 in a year.

Over $314.5 Million In Sales And Counting...

In the last 18 years, I've helped over 184 clients increase the sales, profits, and cash flow in their businesses.

And I'm POSITIVE I can help you get a lot more business as well.

Again, you're covered by my guarantee in which I'll refund your entire fee unless my ad pulls at least 10% more responses. I'm confident in offering an outrageous guarantee like this because I only rely on proven salesmanship in my ads to boost response.

And it's also the main reason I'm able to pull conversion rates of 3.8%, 4.2%, 4.6%, and higher.

Here's What to Do Now...

If you'd you like to double your sales and profits in less than 30 days like I've done for many of my clients...

If you'd like to plug all the holes in your sales funnel so you're not losing money...

Pick up the phone and call 207-514-5096 to learn more about my risk-free offer.

We'll get on the phone and chat in a relaxed, easy-going environment... to see if I can even help.

There's no charge and no obligation... all you have to do is send me an email or give me a call and tell me what your biggest sales problem is.

I'll also let you know if I feel I can beat your current ad or help you out at all. On average, I feel I can beat 9 out of 10 ads that come across my desk.

Sure, that may sound a bit cocky... but again, I back it up with my guarantee.

Bottom line, if you're ready to make the kind of money you want to make... call me right now at 207-514-5096(EST).

Or send me an

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