Attention Tinnitus Sufferers:

Here's How To Permanently Silence The Constant Ringing In Your Ears... So You Can Finally Have
The Peace And Quiet You Want!

"As a former tinnitus sufferer myself, I'll show you how I finally discovered the solution for silencing the irritating ringing in my ears. And I guarantee you'll get the same incredible results... in fact, I want to prove it to you!

Right below, I'll reveal a quick and easy way to permanently stop that annoying ringing in your ears in just days... so you can happily live each day in peace and comfort..."

From The Desk Of Geoff Barker
Tinnitus researcher
Creator of

Dear Friend & Fellow Tinnitus Sufferer:

Do you hear a ringing or hissing sound in your ears?

Are you frustrated because it causes such a burden on your everyday life and happiness?

Have you tried certain medicines, drops, hearing aids, or sound-masking devices... but found they didn't work?

Do you want a solution that's simple and easy to follow, yet extremely powerful and productive?

Do you feel like your life would be better if you found a way to stop this ringing in your ears?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of these questions... then I have some important news for you.

You're not alone because I've been exactly where you are now. In fact, that list of questions was created from years of personal experience and from learning about this problem for myself.

More importantly... I'm going to show you how I was able to end the problem of constant ringing in my ears.

So if you're feeling frustrated or hopeless with dealing with your tinnitus... and you just don't know where to turn for real answers that work... then this may be the most important message you read.

I Know What You're Going Through ...

Hi, my name is Geoff and I know how you feel.

I've experienced the annoying ringing or buzzing in my ears. It's called tinnitus and it can make life difficult.

It's usually described as a ringing noise, but some times it can be a high- pitched whining, buzzing, whistling, or "wooshing" sound.

Any way you put it... tinnitus can cause a lot of stress and problems in your day to day life.

It can interfere with your sleep and your normal daily activities... either at home or at work.

I'm sure you already know how frustrating it can be. There can be depression and anxiety that often accompany this condition.

I know how it feels to live in constant distress and frustration, wondering when the ringing will stop. I know how it feels to be desperate for a solution.

But I've also learned how to end it, for good.

I Understand How You Feel

And now it's time for me to show you how to end your problems as well.

Right below, you're going to learn the natural, proven method I discovered that's going to help you stop that ringing in your ears in the next 14 days.

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. Sounds too good to be true.

And believe me, I understand why you're skeptical. After all, you've already tried a ton of different products and "solutions" that didn't work.

But this is different.

It's not a product... but rather a series of techniques that work like magic.

What's more... it stops the ringing in just days... not months... and it didn't take any prescription drugs or expensive products.

This simple yet powerful method changed my life forever.

And it will help you start living a life without discomfort, frustration, and the anxiety that comes with this problem.

Here's My Personal Story...

When I think back, my problems with tinnitus started about 7 years ago. It was such a bother and burden to my daily life.

I felt so uncomfortable all the time.

The high-pitched ringing, buzzing, and humming would keep me up at night. I would try using a fan or TV to drown out the noise, but it never worked.

The lack of sleep was a major problem in my life. Because I didn't get much sleep, I'd be tired and sluggish the next day at work.

And I had headaches, anxiety, and moods swings because of it.

Let's just say that I was always nervous and full of anxiety. I even suffered from feelings of depression because this problem was effecting every area of my life.

I avoided a lot of social situations such as dances, movies, and parties... all because of my problem.

As time when on, it got worse and it caused me such inconvenience and discomfort.

It was hard for me to live a normal life, I suffered a whole lot of mental anguish because I was always worrying about it.

I was so fed up with living for years with this constant emotional drain on my life... I made it my mission to solve my problem.

So I tried things like drops, pills, masking devices... and every gimmick I could find on the market.

I Tried So Many Different Remedies...
But Nothing Seemed To Work

The problem was... these treatments didn't attack the root of the problem so they were only temporary fixes!

I spent thousands of dollars seeing doctors and trying alternative therapies that I was told would work.

I was paying $70 for each session at these clinics.. but soon it really got expensive, especially after seeing them several times.

And when I asked the doctors if there was any way to permanently and quickly end this problem with tinnitus, the doctor said my only option was expensive and risky surgery.

After spending over $2330 on therapies that clearly weren't working, I just knew there had to be a better way to solve this.

How I Discovered The 100% SAFE Solution
When So Many Other Treatments Failed ...

Since I wasn't getting anywhere... I decided to research Tinnitus myself.

I spoke to specialized doctors, read medical journals, and interviewed 40 people with the same condition.

I started researching and experimenting like a mad scientist. I was determined to find the answer this time. I was done living in frustration.

As I continued trying different potential remedies... I would always write down my findings in my notebook.

It was almost like a science class experiment... I tried so many different things.

As a tinnitus researcher... I've devoted 2 years of my life to solving this problem and spent a further $1800.

And do you know what I found?

I found 11 simple techniques that drastically helped reduce and even completely stop the ringing in my ears.

And these same techniques will save you thousands of dollars on expensive treatments.

I Learned These Secrets Over
Time... Through Lots Of Trial And Error

The results were simply amazing. In just a few days, I started noticing a big difference.

Within a few weeks, the ringing permanently stopped!

I was blown away! The answer wasn't a magic pill or a powerful medicine.

It was just a few small, simple things that worked together to reduce tinnitus to almost nothing.

But it didn't stop here...

I tested these same techniques on 40 other men and women who had Tinnitus. After just 2 weeks... 32 out of the 40 people reported that their Tinnitus symptoms had either stopped... or had been drastically reduced.

The 8 others told me that the ringing noises happen less frequently.

After years of struggles with dealing with tinnitus, and after trying every single thing I could try... I finally had found the answer.

I called this method "stacking" because I found that by putting these things together... they helped me become completely tinnitus-free!

My Happiness
Went Through The Roof!

Still... I worried it might happen again, but it never did.

Years have passed since my discovery and I can honestly say that this has changed my life so much.

My life is now filled with calmness and contentment, and NOT the displeasure and irritability that tinnitus had been causing.

It was like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

That's why I wanted to share this with you as well ... it's simply the fastest, most effective natural cure for this annoying condition.

Because of my experience and the solution I found to my problem, I decided to write a book about it.

I've made it my mission to help others with this problem, because I know there wasn't anyone to turn to when I needed help.

I Want To Be There For You

It makes me angry that I had to try product after product... and none them did anything to help.

There were so many hyped up claims and BS... I got angry at these companies and swore to myself I'd help others any way I could.

I wrote my solution to the problem and now I want to share it with you because I truly believe it will help you live a life of more happiness, peace, and quiet.

I know what it's like to feel alone and depressed about this problem. It's such a pain in the neck to deal with.

I know what it feels like to be emotionally drained from worrying about it. It can have such a negative effect on your life... it can leave you feeling helpless and stressed out .

I don't want you to have to deal with that.

I care about you and I'm 100% sure that I can help you like I've done for me and for thousands of regular, ordinary people that have used my method.

Say Goodbye To The Problem That's
Holding You Back From Living Your Life

Since my discovery, I've helped thousands of sufferers totally eliminate this condition.

And I'm going to share real-life success stories from real people just like you... because I want to prove that this system is successful and unlike anything else out there.

Timothy D.
Brisbane AUS
Dear Geoff,

Thank you once again for helping me stop the ringing in my ears. If you don't mind I am going to pass your techniques onto one of my friends who also has this condition.

Thanks again

Timothy D.

Nigel G
New York City.

Hi Geoff,

I tried your secret methods last monday and I'm amazed with the results. I couldn't believe how effective this is.

I'm very excited and cannot thank you enough!


Nigel G

Beryl meyun
Melbourne, AU
Thank you for helping me. I have battled with Tinnitus for a number of years now. I am 72 years old and all doctors said there was no way I could do anything about my condition. My daughter gave me your book last month and she helped me use the techniques you have provided us with.

Thank you

Now You Don't Have to Suffer
from This Irritating Problem Any More!

Trust me, I know what you're going through... I've experimented with so many ways to cure my own tinnitus a few years ago.

Ever since then, I've helped thousands of people get rid of this seemingly permanent problem for good. And I've done it quickly, safely, and naturally.

And my customers are thrilled with the results because I give them the information they need to go home and treat themselves.

This means you don't have to keep going back to the doctor. You get the information once, and that's all that's needed.

As seen from my customers, not only can you get rid of the ringing in your ears... but you'll notice improvements in all aspects of your life.

Getting rid of Tinnitus means a better sleep, which means more energy and focus throughout the day.

Just imagine... no more days of annoying ringing... or the mental burden and aggravation that comes with this problem.

You can now live your life to the fullest.

You can do what you want, when you want... free from the worry of whether that pesky ringing will come back.

Imagine what no more tinnitus will mean for you.

You'll be a completely different person... one that's happy and confident... outgoing and free to go wherever you want.

Here's How You Can Stop That
Annoying Ringing in Your Ears For Good!

Introducing my completely new ebook "Stop the Ringing - 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus"

This safe and easy method will end the annoying ringing in your ears... and it's already been proven by thousands.

After discovering the proven method I've put down in this ebook... I no longer have tinnitus issues and my life has totally changed for the better.

Your copy of "Stop the Ringing - 11 Proven Techniques to Stop Tinnitus" will help you do the same.

This ebook contains everything you need to know to put an end to constant, annoying ringing in your ears... quickly, easily and naturally!

Imagine no longer being concerned with the aggravation this problem can cause. Imagine how much more comfortable and happy you'd be without your problem.

You can start living a life without worry, fear, and anxiety that can come from this problem.

With the "Stop the Ringing" program... you'll get 11 proven techniques that work... you'll get everything you need to reduce or stop Tinnitus.

These are all things you can do right now, in your daily life, that won't cost you the time, effort, or money that it did me.

You'll feel better about yourself, your peace of mind will increase, and your happiness will skyrocket!

You'll See A Dramatic
Change... Almost Overnight

And you can get back to living your life without the anxiety that this problem causes.

Go where you want and do what you want to do... because now you won't be effected with this condition.

You'll live your life without fear.

Most important... you'll get long-term, permanent results without ANY side effects.

My book will help you to live a quiter life... and you won't have to spend the years of trial and error that I did.

The Quickest, Easiest Way
To Stop Tinnitus At The Root Source

I give you the same easy-to-follow and step-by-step instructions I used.

You can stop wasting your money and throw away all of the expensive over-the-counter products you've been using.

You'll now have more enjoyment from life... because you'll have peace and pleasantness instead of displeasure and distress from that ringing in your ears.

You'll be able to do more of your daily activities you like to do.

Believe me, your life will change for the best!

Long-Lasting, Permanent Results

Before I found this solution, I battled my problem the same way you're probably doing it.... trying every single thing I could find... hoping it would stop.

But I can tell you from personal experience that these didn't work for me... and probably won't work for you.

They don't get to the root of the problem.

This program will work...when you work with it. I can give you directions and show you the way - but only YOU can make it work for yourself.

It's quick and simple, but most importantly, it WORKS!

It's true that some people experience results rather quickly, like in the first few days.

But I'm not here to fool you or mislead you either. It could take you up to 14 days to see the results you want. I don't want to make you false promises.

But look at it this way... you've probably waited years for something to work... so 14 days to get that ringing to stop will seem like nothing for you.

I've spent years experimenting and trying different remedies... so that you don't have to.

Sure you can take the time, effort, and money to do it yourself and try everything like I have.

But why not save the time and money and learn from my trial and error. It will speed up your results from months... to 14 days.

Here's Just A Sample
Of What You'll Learn In This Ebook...

  • What exactly is Tinnitus? (There are some things about your condition that I guarantee you don't know yet. Get the hard facts at page 3)

  • The best treatment for YOU (Get a personalized treatment on page 8)

  • The fastest way to STOP the ringing noise (discover this at page 9)

  • Get the 6 secret recipes that can stop YOUR Tinnitus (Look at this breakthrough on page 15)

  • Prevent Tinnitus the easy way (I bet you didn't consider this every time you went to work! Live by the rules on page 17)

  • Proven remedies that can work for you. Choose from 11 Tinnitus remedies that you can perform yourself, right now in the office or at home. (Get hold of this priceless information on pages 18 - 24!)

  • Learn how to feel more confident and relaxed around others

  • Be able to go out and enjoy life more... hanging out with friends and going to social events.

  • Wake up worry-free, knowing that your tinnitus issues are gone for good! Your whole life will change for the better.

  • Go where you want, when you want... The confidence you have will be amazing.

  • How to avoid the mistakes that makes the symptoms even worse

  • The real reasons why people get tinnitus... and what to do about it.

  • Get rid of the anxiety and worry that comes with this problem and begin living your life with confidence.

  • Experience The Confidence That Comes
    From Stopping Your Tinnitus!

  • Learn the 11 proven steps you MUST take to stop that annoying ringing or buzzing for good

  • Learn the things you can do that can drastically reduce tinnitus overnight

  • WHY... despite all your previous efforts... you weren't able to stop it (it's because you were not getting to the root cause).

  • The biggest causes of tinnitus... and how to prevent it.

  • The one thing you do each day that's guaranteed to help reduce the ringing

  • How to find and then avoid the specific things that are making your condition worse.

  • THE #1 thing that HAS to happen before you can cure tinnitus.

  • Find out why the other "cures" that are on the market will not work and why they're lying to you!

  • The reasons why you should see a doctor if you're suffering from excessive ringing and why it may lead to something worse.

  • How to work WITH your body to stop tinnitus naturally.

  • How to totally reduce or stop the ringing in your ears by 'stacking' these 11 proven techniques

  • You Can Finally
    Live The Life You Want!

  • Learn why anxiety and stress is a continuous cycle if you don't do anything to cure your problem.

  • Discover the best home remedies for tinnitus

  • Find out the cause of your problem and how you can get to the root of the problem and solve it!

  • Some quick fix solutions you can use to stop tinnitus almost instantly.

  • Discover how you can still have a social life and active lifestyle... even with tinnitus.

And that's just a sample of what you'll learn in my ebook.

You Don't Have To Suffer
Through Your Problem Any Longer

By the way, the method in my ebook isn't quick gimmick or fad. It's not a prescription drug, magic pill, or hyped up vitamin.

It's not like anything you've seen before ... because it's a practical and unique method that permanently gets rid of your tinnitus problem... quickly, easily, and naturally.

Tinnitus can cause such frustration and displeasure. I know how it can negatively effect your day to day happiness.

It can cause discomfort, headache, anxiety, and stress. All stuff that you just don't need to deal with.

Tinnitus is common, in fact, one out of 6 people can suffer from it. Millions of people in the U.S. have tinnitus.

Tinnitus can be caused by anything from ear infections... to wax in the ear... to allergies that prevent fluid from draining.

Tinnitus can also be caused by natural hearing impairment from aging, as a side-effect of some medications, from exposure to loud noises, and as a side-effect of genetic hearing loss.

So if you use an Ipod, carpentry or construction tools, or mining and drilling equipment, you may suffer from it.

Machine operators, musicians, airport workers, and nightclub workers often times are prone to getting it.

And it can worsen with age... and could even lead to hearing loss.

Tinnitus may also be a symptom of other health problems, such as allergies, high or low blood pressure, tumors and problems in the heart, blood vessels, jaw and neck.

It doesn't matter what caused it... it can really effect your daily activities and day to day happiness.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way, not any longer.

The techniques are simple and are based on natural things you just don't know about yet.

These 11 Techniques Have Worked
for Thousands And Will Work for You as Well!

Even if you've tried everything else and failed... I'll show you how to end your problem once and for all... so you can start living your life to the fullest!

These 11 fool-proof techniques require little time and effort on your part, but these secrets will work like gangbusters.

You'll learn the secrets for for reducing the main triggers of tinnitus. The best cure is using the best prevention... and I'll show you how to get to the root problem.

Bottom line, you'll have a complete, step by step guide for getting rid of that annoying ringing. You can read it in one day and you're life will change almost as soon.

Now you can focus on those things you love to do in your life... and NOT the constant ringing that you normally have to deal with!

Finally... No More Frustration,
Irritation, And Anxiety!

I've already put every Tinnitus remedy to the test... so that you don't have to.

Everything in my ebook can be done simply, easily, and in no time at all.

I truly believe that my program is the most effective and safest cure for tinnitus available today.

But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself what a few of my thousands of satisfied clients have to say about the program:

Amit Cardell
Albany, NY
Hi Geoff,

WOW! Your #9 method works really well. I got very fast relief with this one. A few of my work mates also have Tinnitus and I have told the about your ebook. The results are great!

Best wishes,

Jen -
Hi Mr. Barker,

Thank you so much. I am glad I didn't waste my money on other products. I am very happy with my purchase.


Kevin S
Sydney, AU
Hi Geoff,

All I can say is... Finally! Finally after 6 years of torture the ringing has stopped. This is just amazing and anybody with Tinnitus should definitely use your techniques.

Kudos to you Geoff.

End The Worry And Anxiety Now

I show you... step by step... exactly what to do and when to do it... and by doing so... will create safe and natural changes in your body that will stop tinnitus at the root cause.

Again, these are all natural, safe things. I'm going to show you how to do them differently... in the right order and at the right times... so that you finally get results.

By ending your problem... you'll be able to do what you want, whenever you want, without worrying if that ringing will come back. You'll be able to live life how you want to, and life it to the fullest!

I did it myself, and I want to show you how to do it.

So What's The Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Program Cost?

Well, if you were to see a doctor or a clinic, just one visit will set you back about $100. And you probably will have to go several times before you're starting to see results.

I know this because I have personally been charged much more than what you're going to pay here. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to solve my problem.

Besides, doctors will not give you all information I can offer you. There are many options for you to choose from that can reduce the ringing in your ears.

And your best chance of success is to cut out the trial and error that I had to go through when I had no one to advise me.

Because I was able to put this information into an ebook format, you don't have to spend the money on a doctor.

Discover the Tips, Tricks and All-Natural
Techniques for Fast & Safe Relief from Tinnitus!

You get this information instantly, with no shipping costs, so you can start reading this information in minutes.

This means you can get the very same method that I use - AND you can get started IMMEDIATELY!

So I'm not going to charge you the thousands of dollars that I spent on all these products, potions, or magic remedies.

And I'm not going to charge you $200 like you'd pay at a doctor's office.

For a short time only, I'm offering a very limited HALF-PRICE DISCOUNT. If you order today, your investment in this ebook is now only $89.00 $39.95

You'll have a step-by-step program to help you throughout the entire process. Look, you're probably spending more each month in prescription medication or over-the-counter products alone!

This ebook will cost less... and will be a permanent solution... so you no longer have to spend the money on the other things.

I wanted to help out as many people as I possibly can. And I made the price affordable enough to do that.

ORDER NOW And You'll Also Receive These
2 Bonus Reports, Worth AT LEAST $59, Absolutely Free!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to say YES now, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gift for ordering right now.

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This report will show you quick and easy ways to control your emotions and take your life back!

If you suffer from panic attacks, you can finally say goodbye to what's holding you back... and start living your life to the fullest.

This free report will help you eliminate the fear and self-doubt that's causing panic attacks to happen.

Free Bonus #2: How to Interpret Your Dreams ($29.95 value)

Have you ever wondered what some of your dreams mean? This free report will tell you just that... what some of those wild and weird dreams actually mean to you.

If you've ever woken up with a weird dream that you just couldn't believe... this report will help you make sense of it.

And it's free... if you order right now.

For Less Than The Cost
Of One Doctor's Visit...

You'll have your very own proven method.

If you were to see a doctor, you'd have to go many times before they actually started fixing the problem.

The information in this ebook will start to work immediately and it will stay with you a lifetime.

Even though these principles are easy to understand, they've never been available to anyone until now. Because this is my own method that I developed for myself.

This is the ONLY place to get this information... because no one else knows it. It's that new.

Why This Is Different Than
Anything Else Out There

That's why my method is so unique and different than anything else out there.

It's based on the unknown secrets to stacking certain techniques that will end tinnitus!

This isn't about taking a new pill or ear drop. It's not about surgery. And it's definitely not about covering up the problem with a noise maker.

These techniques are practical and unique... and they permanently get rid of your tinnitus– naturally and without side effects.

This is a tried and true method... one that cures your tinnitus by focusing on the root cause rather than just trying to mask the symptoms!

Relief is Only Minutes Away...
This Is Your Chance To Stop Tinnitus For Good!

After trying my simple techniques, you'll get out more and enjoy life to the fullest. And you'll also eliminate the stress that comes from worrying about your problem.

It contains a time-tested, proven natural and safe method that is drug-free, painless and designed for ANYONE who suffers from ringing in the ear.

Now you can get relief and avoid costly and risky surgery and prescription drugs!

Imagine what ending your problem will do for you... you'll finally have the day to day happiness and peace of mind you deserve.

By gaining control of your problem, you'll be able to do what you want, whenever you want, without worrying about that annoying ringing.

You Only Have 2 Choices...

You can either do nothing and suffer through the constant and annoying ringing that's bothering you now.

But how is that going to help you, if you're living the next years of your life with this frustration and unhappiness.

If you do that, your condition won't change. You have to make the first step... in order to change it.

Or, you can order this ebook now and stop the annoying ringing now and START LIVING the life you have always wanted in two weeks or less!

I've already tried everything... I've made all of the mistakes for you - stop wasting your time and energy on trial and error. Save the aggravation and use my experience as your shortcut guide to stopping tinnitus from ruining your life.

The choice is yours to take... and I want you to take the right one.

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8-Week No-Risk Unconditional
100% Money-Back Guarantee:

I truly believe this ebook is the fastest, simplest, and easiest way for you to stop your problem of tinnitus and ringing in your ears.

But since you don't know me personally, you may have some doubts whether this ebook can live up to my claims. And I completely understand that.

So please, let me take all the risk. Test this ebook out at my expense!

I'm confident you'll be thrilled with your results from using it. But you really have no way of knowing that yet, so I want to eliminate all worry for you...

Get this ebook now and try my 11 proven "stacking" techniques.

If, for any reason at all, you're not completely satisfied with what it's done for you, simply let me know within 8 weeks and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

Absolutely no questions asked. Period. That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't decide now if this ebook is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

If it doesn't do everything I say and more... if you haven't ended the ringing in your ears for good... if you're not more comfortable and more content... if you don't feel like your life has totally changed for the better... just email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. Quickly and easily.

So you really have nothing to lose because you can change your mind later.

Please, Don't Wait and "Think About It"

Please, don't procrastinate and "think about it". If you're tired of not being able to do what you want, when you want... in peace and quiet... you can change that right now.

Save the time, effort, and frustration. I've already spent the time and money trying to learn this stuff.

Get the natural, 100% safe solution that reduces or cures the condition at home in just a few minutes a day.

Click the button right now, get the book instantly and start on the path toward a happier, quieter, and more peaceful future.

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In Peace and Quiet,

Geoff Barker

P.S. I want you to feel the thrill of being able to do anything you want... and go anywhere you want... without the worry or anxiety of tinnitus.

I can tell you from first hand experience how much better your life will be... when you become free from this worry.

You'll be much more happy and no longer worried about this issue. You can start to enjoy the activities you normally would stay away from. You can now start living your life to the fullest again.

You'll no longer be stressed out and full of anxiety and worry. Can you imagine how you'll feel?

Well, I can tell you... it's like having a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

But the thing is... you must make a start.

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P.P.S. And remember... you have absolutely nothing to lose... and a whole new carefree and comfortable life to gain.

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to at least try it?

Just 14 days from today... the constant ringing in your ears will be replaced by happiness, content, and comfort.

I've done it and thousands of other people like me have done it. Now it's your turn.

You'll have a renewed feeling of relief and comfort... that you're free to live your life again!

And it's all from my method... a solution that's so simple, you'll honestly think it's magic. But it's not. Just 11 proven techniques that works.

Like I've mentioned... I know what it's like to be fearful and anxious about tinnitus. I know what it's like to feel alone and depressed because of it.

And since I've found the way to stop mine, I want to help you do the same as well.

Take action and order now... while it's fresh on your mind.

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