Former heartburn and acid reflux sufferer
reveals his new breakthrough discovery...

"How To Permanently Cure Your Heartburn And Acid Reflux In Just 3 Days or Less... Guaranteed!"

You Can Finally Get Rid of The Irritation
And Discomfort... And Live The Happy,
Pain-Free Life You Want!

I've discovered a quick and easy way to permanently stop heartburn and acid reflux in as little as 3 days. And I guarantee you'll get the same incredible results... in fact, I want to prove it to you!

If you're ready to finally say goodbye to the burning chest and throat pain... as well as the embarrassing belching and gas... so you can finally live each day in peace and comfort... this will be the most important letter you read.

From The Desk Of William Lagadym
Heartburn and Acid Reflux Researcher
Creator of

Dear Friend,

Do you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux?

Are you frustrated because it causes such a burden and pain in your everyday life?

Have you tried certain prescription medicines, antacids, and over-the-counter treatments... but found they didn't help?

Do you want a solution that's quick and easy to follow... yet extremely powerful and productive?

Would you like to start feeling relief in just an hour or two... and permanently fix the problem in just a few days?

Do you feel like your life would be better if you didn't suffer from heartburn or acid reflux?

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of these questions... then I have some important news for you.

You're about to learn the same simple yet powerful breakthrough I discovered that helped cure my acid reflux and heartburn in just 3 days... without drugs and without antacids.

And more importantly, over 1,959 people have used this information to eliminate their acid reflux and heartburn... faster than they ever thought possible!

You'll see some of their amazing success stories right below.

Believe me, I spent years of trial and error trying to figure this stuff out. I researched thousands of hours worth of nutritional information to learn these secrets.

And what took me YEARS to learn... you can now learn and use in an HOUR... and you can start having relief in that short amount of time as well.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical because this sounds too good to be true.

And believe me, I completely understand. You have every right to be skeptical. After all, you've already tried a lot of different remedies and "solutions" that didn't work.

But this is different.

I've learned a series of techniques that attack acid reflux and heartburn at the SOURCE... so they're not able to happen.

What's more... you can cure your condition in just days... and NOT months.

And it doesn't involve prescription drugs, over-the-counter treatments, vitamins, supplements, or ANY expensive products.

This simple yet powerful secret changed my life forever.

And it will help you start living a life without discomfort, frustration, and the pain that comes from dealing with heartburn.

Who I Am And Why
You Should Listen To Me

Hi. My name is William Lagadyn and I've been involved in the alternative health industry as a medical researcher, nutrition expert, and health consultant for over 23 years now.

I'm also the author of dozens of articles on heartburn and acid reflux.

My main area of expertise involves digestive problems such as Acid Reflux (G.E.R.D.) and Heartburn.

Not only that... I'm also a former Acid Reflux and Heartburn sufferer myself.

But I've also learned how to end it, for good.

Here's My Personal Story...

I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to live in constant pain from acid reflux or heartburn.

It can cause a lot of stress and frustration and can negatively effect your happiness and quality of life.

It can interfere with your eating, sleeping, and all of your day-to-day activities.

In fact, it caused me to feel so uncomfortable all the time. The constant burning sensation in my chest and throat, the constant feeling of pressure in my stomach.

The burping, belching, gas, and constant chest pain would keep me up at night.

And as time when on, it only got worse and started negatively effecting every area of my life.

I Tried So Many Different
Things To Get Rid Of It...

Over the years... I spent a ton of money trying every product and treatment I could find.

I tried pills, antacids, prescription drugs, liquid naseau products, and every over-the-counter product to see what worked and what didn't.

None of these really helped because the relief was either temporary... or wasn't there at all.

Some of the treatments even made my condition worse.

My doctor insisted that there wasn't a cure for my condition and that I'd have to live with it.

I decided NOT to listen to him. I took matters into my own hands and decided to research heartburn and acid reflux myself.

I was done living in pain and discomfort.

How I Discovered The Solution When
So Many Other Treatments Failed ...

I started reading medical journals and books on gastrointestinal health and nutrition.

In fact, I read hundreds of books, journals and magazines about acid reflux, heartburn, and nutrition. I spent hours researching and also many hours of trial and error... determined to find a solution to my acid reflux.

As I continued trying different potential remedies... I would always write down my findings.

I tried so many different things... but I kept track of what worked and what didn't.

From all the books and medical journals I read... after years of research... after a ton of trial and error, I discovered a few safe, natural, and simple techniques that eliminated acid reflux and heartburn 100% of the time.

Hours of Research And
Trial And Error Finally Paid Off!

The results were simply amazing. In just 3 days, I started experiencing significant relief in my acid reflux condition.

Within 5 days, the heartburn and acid reflux permanently stopped and the burning sensation, the chest pain, and the constant burping completely disappeared. It felt like magic.

It was such a significant improvement in such a short time. I had such a feeling of well-being.

I felt rejuvenated and more energetic... my sleep became more deep... and I started to look and feel a lot better.

The Pain and Discomfort Completely Disappeared!

Years have passed since my discovery and I can honestly say that I haven't had any troubles with heartburn or acid reflux again.

I've emptied my medicine cabinet from all the drugs and medicines I was putting in my body.

This has honestly changed my life so much for the better.

Sure, it took me years to discover these techniques... but it was worth it because I finally was able to live a life free from pain and discomfort!

The Puzzle Was Finally Solved...
And I Was Happy Again!

My life is now filled with happiness and contentment, and NOT the displeasure and irritability that heartburn and acid reflux had been causing.

It was like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Because of my experience and the solution I found to my problem, I decided to write a book about it.

I knew that ANYONE suffering from chronic heartburn or acid reflux could use this information to get rid of their pain.

These techniques will save you thousands of dollars on useless prescription drugs, antacids, and over the counter treatments. They will save you hours and hours of trial and error.

Not to mention the pain, aggravation, and suffering they will save you from!

I Want To Be There For You

It makes me angry that I had to try so many different products and treatments... and none them worked.

There were so many hyped up claims and BS... I got angry and swore to myself I'd help others any way I could.

I wrote my solution to the problem and now I want to share it with you because I truly believe it will help you live a life of comfort and happiness.

I know what it feels like to be stressed and emotionally drained from worrying about this problem.

I don't want you to have to deal with that.

You Can Finally
Live The Life You Want!

Ever since my discovery, I've helped thousands of people get rid of this seemingly permanent problem for good.

And I've done it quickly, safely, and naturally.

Most of the people I speak with tell me that the frequency and intensity of the burning from heartburn pain was gone in just hours and then completely vanished within a few days.

Better yet... the conditions never came back again.

Thousands of people who used to suffer from digestive problems are now living their lives pain-free and drug-free!

I'm going to share real-life success stories from real people just like you... because I want to prove that this system is successful and unlike anything else out there.

Wednesday, July 8, 2006

Dear Mr. Lagadyn

Thank you very much for helping me cure my heartburn. Its been almost 5 years now since I said goodbye to my proton pump inhibitors, and the side effects I was having.

I will continue to tell every heartburn sufferer I bump into, that your simple advise to cure heartburn is like "money-in- the- bank."

Many Thanks and may God Bless

Robert Campbell Jr.

Dear Mr. Lagadyn,

For the past few months now, I have been plagued with terrible acid reflux. I figured that the acid reflux is the price I was paying for working two jobs and keeping a household. The worst day of my life since developing this wretched condition was a week ago. I was in such pain from the burning that I almost broke down into tears at my desk at work. Desperate for a cure, along with becoming afraid of what might be happening to my esophagus I came across your web site. I saw the words ““cure your heartburn”” and I thought, ““yeah, right……cure.””

I read the testimonials and what you do for people and I still wasn't buying. Throughout that day, I kept coming back to the site and I thought that if I don’’t do something soon, God knows what will be my future. I’’m not one for taking pills so I bought your e-book. As soon as it printed, I rifled through the pages and really got a total understanding about what was actually happening to me. I understood why the burning occurred and I was really excited to try your remedy

It’’s been a week and I have to say I never thought I would feel this normal again. I have no burning at all, albeit if I get a little stressed, but then it is very minimal. I am so grateful to you and your staff for putting this life changing information out there for everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my newly healed esophagus, which is now breathing a sigh of relief!

Highest regards,

Jacqueline P. (last name withheld by request)

Dear William,

After 72 hours with only 6 hours sleep from raging esophageal burning, I luckily found your web site, talked with you on the phone, got the book. Then, in less than 24 hours, all symptoms disappeared. You basically saved my life. I'll be forever grateful.

William Lillott

Hello William:

I hope I'm not writing you prematurely, but for at least a year and a half I've been taking over the counter antacids.

Even taking the over the counter medication I experienced GERD.

I followed your simple instructions, and I've been without GERD since receiving your e-mail.

Many thanks,

Joe Bavaro

You Don't Have to Suffer From
This Irritating Problem Any More!

I spent years of studying... and thousands of dollars trying every single heartburn product I could find.

And because of that... I know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Now you can skip the years of trial and error or useless treatments and become heartburn free... quickly and easily... and in a lot less time than you might think.

Just think of how you'll feel when you're finally free from burning pain in the stomach and throat, bloating, chest pressure, belching, and flatulence.

You'll feel better... healthier... and more energetic. You'll feel more vibrant... and more alive!

Getting rid of heartburn means better sleep, more energy, and focus throughout the day. You'll see improvements in all areas of your life.

Just imagine... no more days of pain or suffering from heartburn... or the mental burden and aggravation that comes with this problem.

You'll be a completely different person... one that's happy and pain-free.

The same techniques that have helped thousands of heartburn sufferers to permanently cure acid reflux and heartburn... and get rid of its painful symptoms... are now available to you.

Here's How You Can Permanently
Cure Heartburn and Acid Reflux For Good!

Introducing my completely new ebook "Cure Your Heartburn"

Cure Your Heartburn is a downloadable e-book that gives you the natural methods, powerful techniques, and step-by step approach I discovered in over 23 years of medical research.

It's the ONLY natural heartburn and acid reflux cure that's been proven to put an end to heartburn and acid reflux forever... quickly, easily and naturally!

My ebook has been clinically proven to work on Acid Reflux Disease (GERD), Heartburn, Gastritis, Esophageal Reflux, and other similar digestive disorders.

And it does it without using antacids and without using drugs.

At Last... Cure Your Acid Reflux
and Heartburn Safely and Effectively

It doesn't matter what type of acid reflux or heartburn you have. These techniques will help you live a life of more comfort.

After discovering the proven method I've put down in this ebook... I no longer suffer from heartburn or acid reflux and my life has totally changed for the better. It's also worked for thousands of others.

Your copy of "Cure Your Heartburn" will help you as well.

These are all things you can do right now, in your daily life, that won't cost you the time, effort, or money that it did me.

You'll feel better about yourself, your peace of mind will increase, and your happiness will skyrocket!

You'll Start Feeling
Better... Literally Overnight!

You'll live your life without the pain, annoyance, and aggravation that this problem causes.

You'll be able to do more of your daily activities you like to do.

You can stop wasting your money and throw away all of the expensive over-the-counter products, antacids, or prescription meds you've been using.

I'll give you directions and show you the way - it's quick and simple, but most importantly, it WORKS!

It's true that some people experience results rather quickly, like in the first few hours.

But with some people... it takes a few days to see results. It's different for everyone. I don't want to make you false promises.

This program could help get rid of your heartburn in an hour... or it might take 5 days.

But look at it this way... you've probably spent years looking for something to work... so a few days to stop heartburn will seem like a very short time.

Here's Just A Sample
Of What You'll Learn In This Ebook...

  • What exactly is heartburn and acid reflux and how does it happen? (Better yet, learn how to permanently cure them for good!)

  • Find out what the best treatment is for YOUR SPECIFIC CONDITION (You shouldn't follow a "blanket, one-size-fits-all treatment plan)

  • Discover the fastest way to STOP the painful and irritating symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux

  • Prevent heartburn and acid reflux from EVER happening again. (Once you learn these simple rules, you'll never have to deal with these conditions again!)

  • Learn the proven remedies that can work for you... safely, naturally, and permanently. Choose from remedies that you can perform yourself to help you get rid of the condition that's bothering you.

  • Find out how to get rid of the burning pain that follows a heavy meal or that keeps you up at night. You'll enjoy life more... because now you can have more peace of mind that these symptoms won't keep you up at night!

  • Learn the truth about conventional heartburn treatments... why they don't work... and how you can use this natural method forever.

  • Find out which foods you should eat... and which foods you should never eat!

  • A simple treatment you can use to eliminate the painful symptoms of heartburn in less than 48 hours.

  • Learn how you can heal the inflammation in the esophagus so that you get instant relief from the burning and painful irritation in your throat. There are certain things you should and shouldn't do if you want to feel better!

  • Find out the proven supplement you can use that will help you eliminate the painful heartburn symptoms almost overnight!

  • Get to the real cause of your heartburn and acid reflux and learn how to end it quickly, naturally, and in less time than you ever thought possible! No more pain-filled sleepless nights!

  • Learn the simple, natural methods that will save you thousands of dollars in prescription medications, antacids, over-the-counter treatments, and expensive doctor visits !

  • Learn how to get rid of all treatments that aren't natural... so you can eliminate the dangerous toxins you're putting into your body when you take these medications!

  • Find out how solving your problems with acid reflux and heartburn will help you eliminate your risk of cancer!

  • Find out how fixing your delicate internal environment will help you enhance your digestion and eliminate almost all digestive disorders for good!

  • Discover some quick and easy techniques for getting rid of chest pressure, burning pain, burping and flatulence!

  • Find out why these all natural techniques that get rid of your digestive problems will also help you feel healthier, more energetic, more focused, and more full of life!

  • Find out if you could be hurting and not helping your condition! Instead of curing your heartburn, doing this could destroys your body's immune system and make your heartburn worse!

  • Discover how curing your heartburn will help you live a life of more peace and comfort. No more pain or discomfort from these conditions... so you can finally sleep comfortably at night.

  • Find out how to save a ton of money in prescription medications, over the counter treatments, and doctor visits and eliminate the dangerous side effects that are a result of prescription meds!

  • Learn the most important nutritional tips to help you get rid of your heartburn and acid reflux permanently.

  • Discover the only vitamins and supplements that work to assist in the process of getting rid of heartburn and acid reflux. No supplement or vitamin is needed... but a few actually do help in the process and you'll learn which ones

  • Find out the exact reason why you have heartburn or acid reflux... and why knowing this can also help you stop it permanently.

  • Find out why your doctor doesn't know the truth about how to fix your heartburn or acid reflux naturally... without drugs or antacids... and why your doctor could actually be preventing you from curing your conditions!

  • Discover how to balance your internal ph levels and get your internal environment healthy to the point where you're healthier and no longer have heartburn or acid reflux!

  • Learn why this combination of techniques that are quick and easy to do will help you eliminate acid reflux dramatically overnight!

  • Discover how to prevent acid reflux and heartburn from ever reoccurring again... because you'll be getting to the root cause of heartburn and NOT just masking the symptoms like medications do.

  • Find out why heartburn or acid reflux is a warning sign that something is wrong with your body and how it could be a sign that there's something else a lot worse going on in your body.

  • Discover why using these all natural techniques will help your body to strengthen and heal and itself... so you no longer need any other treatments!

  • Learn why having an unbalanced ph and internal environment can cause acid reflux and what you can do to bring your internal environment back into balance.

  • Finally... wake up worry-free, knowing that your heartburn or acid reflux is gone for good! Your whole life will change for the better.

  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes that makes the symptoms even worse... so you can prevent discomfort from happening in the first place.

  • The real reason why you get heartburn or acid reflux... and what to do about it. Find out the biggest causes and how to prevent it.

  • Experience The Peace Of Mind That Comes
    From Curing Your Heartburn or Acid Reflux!

  • Learn the proven steps you MUST take to stop heartburn for good

  • Learn the simple techniques you can use to drastically reduce heartburn and acid reflux overnight

  • The one technique you can use each day that's guaranteed to help reduce acid buildup in your stomach

  • Find out how to avoid the specific things that are making your condition worse.... and you may not even know you're doing them!

  • Find out why the so-called "cures" on the market will not work and why these huge drug companies are lying to you!

  • The reasons why you should see a doctor if you're suffering from severe heartburn or acid reflux because the truth is... you may be suffering from something worse.

  • How to work WITH your body... and NOT against it so you can reduce heartburn and acid reflux naturally.

  • Learn why these symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux will NEVER go away if you don't do anything to cure your problem.

  • Discover the best home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux. I'll show you what's causing your problem and how you can get to the root of it and solve it!

  • Some quick fix solutions you can use to stop painful symptoms almost instantly.

  • Learn why... even though heartburn and acid reflux are two different conditions... they both can be corrected without the use of drugs once you identify the root cause.

And that's just a sample of what you'll learn in my ebook.

While I was researching this condition, I realized that almost everyone is getting ripped off by the drug companies.

In fact... the drug industries are getting rich by making you believe that you have to live with this condition and just manage the symptoms.

They refuse to let you know that you can actually get rid of it for good.

After all, they would lose a lot of money if you knew the truth.

The Drug and Pharmaceutical
Companies Are Lying To You!

Every year, over ONE BILLION DOLLLARS is spent on over-the-counter remedies, antacids, and products aimed at treating acid reflux.

And because they could lose all this money if you knew the truth... these companies will tell you anything so you keep buying their products. And that includes lying right to your face!

For more than 23 years I've researched and tested all these products only to find the REAL TRUTH to lasting acid reflux freedom just like you're doing now.

It took me so long to learn this because so few people know about this information.

And so few know about it because it's been kept secret by the huge, corporate drug companies that make billions selling you prescription medications.

If you knew there was a very powerful way to heal your heartburn... these fat-cat drug companies would lose billions.

So it's in their (and their stockholders) interest to keep this stuff hidden.

For example... did you know that the cost of "general active ingredients" for a very popular proton pump inhibitor (ppi) drug is 52 and the suggested retail price is $360.97?

That's a markup of 69,417%!

Unfortunately... with these drug companies... it's about the money and not YOUR health!

Well, not anymore... I've had enough of these drug companies lying to you and being so secretive... while you suffered with the pain and discomfort.

I consider myself a really good person who likes to help others. And I couldn't just sit by while nice, regular people like yourself kept getting handed garbage by these drug companies.

This information should scare the hell out of the pharmaceutical and drug companies!

If You Have Acid Reflux or Heartburn...
Your Body Is Telling You Something's WRONG

Look, there's a reason you have heartburn.

It's not a natural thing to have. Heartburn is your body telling you something is wrong inside.

If you're suffering from stomach bloating... constant burping or belching... or you've been experiencing flatulence more than normal... your body could be too acidic.

Acid reflux and heartburn can be very dangerous if not treated correctly over time...

Conditions can go from being irritating... to being very dangerous. Dissolving of the enamel on the teeth... fluids in the sinuses, lungs and middle ears, and the development of ulcers can all happen.

Even worse... if you don't treat your reflux problem... it may lead to more serious problems... like esophageal cancer.

In fact, recent medical studies have shown that cancer of the esophagus related to heartburn is the most rapidly increasing form of cancer in western countries.

But Long Term Use Of Prescription Drugs and
Antacids Can Lead To Dangerous Complications

It's no secret that most prescription drugs can interfere with proper liver function, build up dangerous toxins in your body, and lead to serious health risks.

Not only that, but taking more than one medication at a time can lead to harmful interactions and nasty consequences with the drugs involved.

And the absolute truth is... the medication isn't curing anything. All it's doing is covering up your symptoms so you feel a little better... until your next flareup!

So not only are you wasting your hard-earned money just to mask your symptoms... you really have no idea what other problems might develop as a result of taking these medications for a long time.

In fact, the medical community has no idea what the long term use of these medications can have on your health.

Start Living Your Life Without Medications

Now matter if you have heartburn, acid reflux, or another digestive issue you're dealing with... you can start using my information right now to get fast, immediate, and permanent relief.

Every day you follow my system... the results will come quicker and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Your symptoms will fade away and you'll start looking and feeling better... more like yourself.

That's because my system is going after the actual cause... the condition... and NOT masking it like all the other drugs and treatments do.

Once we attack the root problem... your body will quickly start to heal itself.

In just a short time... your acid reflux, its related symptoms, and ANY other digestive disorder you've had will disappear.

You'll feel better... so you'll be more energized, more refreshed, more comfortable.

Most importantly, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your acid reflux is gone forever and you have freedom from the pain and suffering it caused.

You Don't Have To Suffer From
Heartburn or Acid Reflux Any Longer

My program is so practical and effective, it's still hard to believe that anyone could buy into the conventional approach that does nothing but put a band-aid on the problem.

The method in my ebook isn't a quick fix or gimmick. It's not a prescription drug, magic pill, or hyped-up vitamin.

It's not like anything you've seen before ... because it's a practical and unique method that permanently gets rid of your heartburn... quickly, easily, and naturally.

I can honestly say that this book is the most informative and complete method for curing acid reflux and heartburn that has ever been developed.

What This Ebook Can Do For You
And Why It's Different From The Rest

Heartburn and acid reflux are different conditions... but they BOTH can be corrected WITHOUT drugs... once you identify the root cause.

I really would like to tell you how to solve your problems right now, but the truth is, all digestive disorder sufferers experience different symptoms.

And they all require a different solution to cure their problem permanently!

I have no idea of the symptoms and problems you're experiencing... but I can help you identify them.

After all, YOU must identify your problem and then treat the real cause...if you want results to last you forever.

The reason this ebook works is because it addresses the root cause behind your heartburn. It doesn't just try to mask the symptoms like the other books or medications do.

This ebook has techniques that will attack the internal problem that's causing your acid reflux and they will fix it permanently.

By tackling the factors that are causing heartburn to occur in the first place... you get rid of the acid reflux environment and you'll have permanent freedom from it.

I'm Going To Show You How
To Identify... Then Solve Your Problem

"Cure Your Heartburn" explains how to diagnose your heartburn or acid reflux symptoms and gives you the proper solution needed to correct it.

There are no drugs, supplements, minerals, or vitamins needed to solve your problem. You can do it quickly, naturally, and easily... just by following the proven system I've outlined in my ebook.

You'll start to feel better quickly, and more importantly you'll feel more energetic and focused as you return to your former self.

And it's 100% safe. It's so safe you can even do it during pregnancy. It works with men, women, children and the sick and elderly.

Once you treat the root cause of your problems and correct any damage or problem your digestive system has... you'll live a normal, pain-free life!

Many people stop taking their drugs right away when they start their program, others wait a few days.

Are You Curing Your Condition... or Making It Worse?

I'm sure you've tried other acid reflux treatments and products and have been disappointed with the results.

That's because other treatments such as prescription drugs, antacids or even homeopathic remedies are not cures.

But my method is a natural and safe approach that eliminates the symptoms and ROOT cause of your acid reflux in just a few short days and prevents it from occuring again.

In other words... this is a permanent solution.

It's easy to use and understand and the step-by-step instructions are written in a conversational tone and layman's terms... and not "doctor-speak".

There are too many programs out there that are either hard to read, hard to understand and use... or both.

My ebook is written in a way that's easy to understand and follow.

Why Your Doctor Doesn't Know This Stuff...

Chances are your doctor hasn't been trained in these natural methods.

So they'll write you up a prescription for some type of pill that just masks or hides your symptoms. But as you've already learned... that's not the answer.

Now you can learn and use these same secrets to naturally and safely cure your acid reflux in just days.

And it's all based on the nutrition secrets I've learned that help promote a healthy and well-balanced digestive system.

You'll find that my 23 years of knowledge is much more than your primary care giver has ever told you about your digestive problems.

The truth is... I've learned, through costly trial and error... that it takes a process of a few different techniques to actually eliminate acid reflux and heartburn for good.

One thing isn't going to do the trick for different problems.

For example, if you read somewhere that taking apple cider vinegar will do the trick... you're being misled and misinformed.

Curing acid reflux can only be done by a multi-dimensional approach that addresses ALL aspects of the problem.

Cure Acid Reflux and Heartburn Without Drugs, Antacids or Conventional Treatments.

It's important that you treat your acid reflux from within and without ever using drugs or over the counter medications.

Pills, antacids, and medications aren't going to solve the problem because they're just masking the problem... they are covering up the symptoms and giving you just short term relief.

You need to get to the source of the problem.

I'll show you how to diagnose the causes of your problems... AND I'll give you the exact "step-by-step natural solution" you need to correct it.

The key to curing your condition is by working WITH your body... not against it. You need to stop the internal cause of acid reflux and maintain the natural environment where acid reflux cannot exist.

If you continue to use drugs, medicines, painkillers, or other over the counter treatments to try and reduce stomach acid and your symptoms... you could destroy your internal balance and make your acid reflux worse!

You can't cure an internal problem using cover-ups like drugs and antacids. You MUST work within your internal system by going after the root cause!

These Techniques Have Worked
for Thousands And Will Work for You as Well!

The fastest way to fix your problem is to learn from and copy someone else that's already done it. And that's what I'm here for.

Even if you've tried everything else and failed... I'll show you how to end your problem once and for all... so you can start living your life in comfort!

You'll learn the secrets for for reducing the main triggers of heartburn. The best cure is using the best prevention... and I'll show you how to get to the root problem.

Bottom line, you'll have a complete, step by step guide for getting rid of that annoying heartburn. You can read it in one day and you're life will change just as soon.

Now you can focus on those things you love to do in your life... and NOT the constant annoyance that you normally have to deal with from this problem.

Finally... No More Frustration,
Irritation, And Anxiety!

Thousands of people no longer need medication to enjoy life that's free from the pain of heartburn or acid reflux.

But don't just take my word for it, see for yourself what a few of my thousands of satisfied clients have to say about the program:

Dear Mr. Lagadyn,

I think I've been cured! I started back to eating regular food last week. I haven't had a lot of tomato sauce like with spaghetti or anything, but I've had no irritation or bloating (except when I had red beans and sausage earlier this week). Definitely the most worthwhile money I've ever spent.

Jim Otken

Dear William,

This is way overdue.

Last October, after months of taking six ibuprofen tablets a day (at my doctor's orders), my esophagus became severely "burned", resulting in some pretty intense heartburn/reflux symptoms. I tried various antacids (which induced 24 hours of diarrhea), and finally persuaded my doctor to prescribe "the purple pill" . . . but nothing seemed to make much difference.

One Sunday afternoon I found your website. I read the testimonials, and almost paid the fee . . . but I was afraid it was some kind of rip-off deal and changed my mind. Later, feeling miserable with the heartburn, I decided to take the chance and bought the e-book.

I read it immediately as soon as I'd downloaded it and it seemed so simple but it made so much sense. I immediately began following your instructions and felt better within three days! So much better that, when my "purple pill" samples ran out, I told my doctor I didn't think I needed them anymore.

Well, that was over four months ago and I have been heartburn-free ever since! I constantly follow your advice and I am amazed: I'm back to normal. I can even eat foods that formerly had upset me quite a bit (like Mexican food--in moderation, of course!).

I'm so glad I took the plunge and purchased your information. You have saved me many times the purchase price of your e-book in my not having to buy antacids or "purple pills". And I feel way better than those things ever made me feel. As I said, I'm back to normal, with no acid reflux symptoms whatsoever.

Just wanted to say a heartfelt "Thanks!"


David Tyra

Hello William,

It has been approximately 6 weeks since I've been following your advice. It has been amazing. I have not taken a drug since the day I began! Although it all sounds too good to be true, it isn't. I see my doctor on Dec. 20 and am prepared for him to pooh-pooh the whole idea but hey, I'm not sick and I'm not getting up in the night. I've not got that choking cough nor a hoarse voice. Thank you. It was worth the $39.97.

Diana Walters

Hi William,

It has been one month and two weeks since I took your advice to cure my heartburn. It has been working wonders. I was starting to get relief within 6 days. I don't get heartburn as often. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being heartburn free. Now, I am able to eat what I enjoy without worrying about getting heartburn. Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Maly Campbell

Dear William,

I did the instructions, it took me 6 days , and I feel great. I am back to eating like I used to. NO more heartburn its gone - history!!!! I really did learn a lot from the bonus info, and ordered all of them, looking to better my life and live a little longer .

Thank You so much , this was really worth the price.

Larry Braswell

Dear William,

I can't thank you enough for all your information on this subject. I have been suffering from reflux and taking medication to treat this for nearly 10 years now.

I bought your e-book in desperation as my condition had worsened over the last few months and leaving me with crippling chest and stomach pain and spasms.

As it had really started to effect my work I was desperate to try anything for some sort of relief. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I can never thank you enough. The treatment has cured my problems after a few days.

Thank you again.

Colin Watson

Middlesbrough, Cleveland, United Kingdom

Dear William,

Both my wife and I suffer with GERD symptoms. She went to the Doctor and obtained tablets. Three days later we are still awaiting noticeable improvement. I followed your booklet and found relief within the same period. Thank you, I'm so glad I found your web site.


Dear William,

I am doing real good now I had to go get that cyst removed from my vocal cords it was the size of a half-pencil eraser. I think your program made a ton of difference I think it almost healed itself before I had the endoscopy. When the doctor looked during the test he was amazed that I didn't have a lot more damage to my esophagus than he saw.

It was 12 weeks or so after I started your eating program before I had the endoscopy done and I described to the doctor first what the symptoms were. He was sure it was a lot worse. He said all I have is a mild case of esapohitis and whatever I have been doing to keep doing it.

He said if all his patients were like me (on your program ) he would be out of business - seriously. He said in six months I will be completely healed. I have to take the Nexium for 6 months (which I don't like). I feel great and I have my voice back now 100% .

Thanks for your help


Dear William,

"I was a longtime sufferer, who tried many of the remedies that were available, without much success. Therefore I must say that I was a bit skeptical when I decided to try your research info. Well, I have to tell you how surprised I was when your methods in fact did alleviate my heartburn. No more living on a diet of pills and antacids. My digestive system is so grateful! My only regret is that I didn't try it 10 years ago."


Vancouver, BC

"Thank you for helping me understand exactly what was happening to my body, and the cause of the pain and discomfort that I felt with my acid reflux. I was so happy when I discovered that I didn't have to do on a special diet or change my life with some long healing procedure. I actually drank a beer after four days and didn't have any heartburn at all."


Sarnia, Ontario

Hi William,

"On November 20, 2003 I purchased your 'Cure Your Heartburn information online... Your information provided relief to me in less than 24 hours! I had been having regular heartburn since October, 2001.

After several months, I went to my doctor and she (after diagnosing me with Acid Reflux without running one test) prescribed Previcid and then Zantac. I was on daily medication until November, 2003. I lost my job and health insurance in October, 2003 and could not afford the prescription for Zantac.

That is when I went online and found your information. It was the best move I ever made to take care of my problems without prescribing unnecessary drugs.

Thank you for your information!!!"

Lorena G. Stone (2003)

Hi William,

Thanks for helping me completely change my husband’s life. I was amazed at how simple your advice was, and how quick it got rid of all his heartburn and gas. It's a real pleasure not to hear him burping, and complaining all the time about his chest pains. He also looks and sleeps better than he has for a long time.

M. Baker

London, Ontario

Hi William,

Thank you so much for your help. I felt my life was over with the pain in my lungs and esophagus. I had a constant burn in my esophagus, wake me up for hours at night. I tried Prevacid, Zantac, Protonix.

Since reading your e-book I feel 85% better. I am a little afraid for it to come back, so am being very careful -- this is my 4th day. Your book makes so much sense and I am wondering if the entire absorption of food and the intestinal track will be helped by this as well.

Words and thank you can't express how grateful I am for your information. I only had the condition three months, am not a good sufferer, can't imagine what some people must go through.

Dianne Yanki

Hi Many thanks for your cure for heartburn/reflux . I have done three days treatment and the pain I had in my chest has gone , the nauseas feeling is gone and the throbbing I experienced in my throat is gone. I guess this was a anxiety reaction as the beat matched my heart beat.My B.P. was elevated probably due to stress over my condition which I have had for 2 years.

Prescription medication only worked spsamodically only to return again. I have more energy and feel great.

Cheers Bev

Hi William,

Just want to let you know that Im healed. All the pain and symptoms have completely stopped.

I now realize that I had been eating a lot of raw musili and dry bread crackers up until my heart burn episode. With me not chewing my food properly which is something I am now much more conscious of, I certainly damaged my esophocus and LED muscle.

The knowledge of just exactly what was going on in my case was not only comforting but extremely empowering. Knowing of a natural and practical cure was awesome.

When your desperate you'll try anything and in this case the anything really worked...thanks William for your sincere concern and personal interest, you are for real...

All the best,



Dear Mr. Lagadyn,

For the past few months now, I have been plagued with terrible acid reflux. I have come to the conclusion that it is due to my wanting to get 6 things done at once. I figured that the acid reflux is the price I was paying for working two jobs and keeping a household. 

The worst day of my life since developing this wretched condition was a week ago. I was in such pain from the burning that I almost broke down into tears at my desk at work. Desperate for a cure, along with becoming afraid of what might be happening to my esophagus I came across your web site. I saw the words ““cure your heartburn”” and I thought, ““yeah, right……cure.””

I read the testimonials and what you do for people and I still wasn’’t buying. Throughout that day, I kept coming back to the site and I thought that if I don’’t do something soon, God knows what will be my future. I’’m not one for taking pills so I bought your e-book. As soon as it printed, I rifled through the pages and really got a total understanding about what was actually happening to me. I understood why the burning occurred and I was really excited to try your remedy.

I opted to take the Aloe Vera juice because I happen to have that in my fridge although I only use it on occasion when I think of it. I followed the ritual three times a day and before bedtime. It’’s been a week and I have to say I never thought I would feel this normal again. I have no burning at all, albeit if I get a little stressed, but then it is very minimal.

I am so grateful to you and your staff for putting this life changing information out there for everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my newly healed esophagus, which is now breathing a sigh of relief! You do good work! Be well.

Highest regards,

Jacqueline P. (last name withheld by request)

Dear Mr. Lagadyn,

I had to write again to tell you that I am still feeling so much better since trying your method. I have to tell you also that I just got back from visiting relatives in Mississippi and I put ““the cure”” to the test. I ate BBQ ribs, chips, salsa, etc. and NO PAIN!! It’’s a miracle!. I’’ve also figured out that my stress from time to time is what was causing my condition and I am working on that at present (that’’s a tough one to conquer but I’’ll do it). 

So I just wanted to say thanks again for your wisdom and most effective cure for GERD. There will be a place in Heaven for you for helping so many people. Take care and be well.


Jacqueline P. (last name withheld by request)

Hello Bill,

It has been approximately 6 weeks since I've been following your advice. It has been amazing. I have not taken a drug since the day I began, Although it all sounds too good to be true, it isn't. I see my doctor on Dec. 20 and am prepared for him to pooh-pooh the whole idea but hey, I'm not sick and I'm not getting up in the night. 

I've not got that choking cough nor a hoarse voice. Thank you. It was worth the $39.

Diana Walters

Way back in March, 2005 I bought your book and took the cure. Have not had heartburn since.

I thought it was about time to let you know that your information has worked for me.

I did have a hint of heartbrun once and for immediate relief took a drink of aloe vera juice which I purchased in a health-food store. This is special drinkable aloe vera juice.

As you may know, aloe vera is a very good healing agent. Works well internally too.

However, the preventable method in your E-book has done the trick. No more heartburn.

So this is just a note to thank you .

Doug Robinson

I did the instructions, it took me 6 days , and I feel great. I am back to eating like I used to but chewing more than I used too. NO more heartburn its gone history!!!! 

I really did learn a lot from the bonus info, and ordered all of them , looking to better my life and live a little longer . Thank You so much , this was really worth the price, 

Larry Braswell

Hi William

What a difference a day makes! I'm feeling tons better. Not sure if it's the cutting out caffeine, supplements, diet change or what, but I'm sure loving it. I haven't checked my pH levels yet, but hope to tonight.

Thanks again for your kind help!


Hi William,

It has been one month and two weeks since I took your advice to cure my heartburn. It has been working wonders. I was starting to get relief within 6 days. I don't get heartburn as often.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being heartburn free. Now, I am able to eat what I enjoy without worrying about getting heartburn. Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Maly Campbell.

Thank you so much for putting your information out there and I'm glad I finally got your report because for the first time in many years I am heartburn free. I am also free from all those other symptoms I had due to the acid reflux.  

It took me a few weeks before my heartburn went away totally. All of the traditional heartburn drugs like the proton pump inhibitors worked on the heartburn but gave me terrible side effects in my colon etc. 

So I'm so happy I am off all those meds now and I feel great!

Thank you very much.
Lisa Waxler
Washington, D.C.

Dear William,

Thank-you so much for the information on gastic-reflux. I have had indigestion & heart burn since March this year. I just cannot believe that it cleared so quickly.The burping & discomfort has just gone.

I cannot thank you enough for this magic cure.

It was the best value for money I have ever had.

Kind regards


Thank you, thank you, thank you, William. It's been 2 weeks now, and my pH levels are at a steady 7.4 or 7.5. Once or twice the level was lower, but then I knew I had eaten the wrong foods.

I have been pain free for over 3 bloating and no gas (YIPPEE!). I still pinch myself once in while just to check if I'm feeling so good or it's all in my mind..hehe. 

Thanks to you, I avoided having made a horrible mistake in having surgery.

With all my heart and mind, I want to give you my sincere thanks for all your help. God Bless you.

Mercy Alamillo

Dear William,

This is only less than 24 hours after getting the book but must say that, after yesterday was the best day my wife has had since getting the hiatal hernia. 

She went the whole day without stomach and chest pain. Usually, she awakens at 2:00 a.m. with a burning stomach. This morning she did the same, but no burning! As time goes she will drop the meds.

This may be premature, but thank you for the help. The one day and nite of no pain was worth the price of the booklet. Will keep you informed of how things are going. Once again, thank you for the help. God bless. /Nick

Hi William,

Man, you are a great person to take the time to answer the questions. I've learned more from you and the internet than any doctor in the last six weeks.

Thanks so much,


Tis the season to be thankful, and I can't even tell you how grateful I am to have come across your life-changing information. Just understanding the mechanics of the digestive system made everything I have experienced make total sense. 

And then to know there is such a simple cure, at first I felt sort of silly, but then I realized that even the medical professionals don't seem to take the obvious into account. For them, the answer to everything is maintenance drugs.

I have been on a bland diet for 3-4 days now and have experienced great relief. I still have an intermittant tight feeling in my throat, which I can't figure out, but compared to months of chest pain and drama (I spent two days in the hospital getting every conceivable heart test because of the pain), I am a very happy camper.

And I will thank you on behalf of my insurance company who will now not have to pay for umteen elaborate tests on my digestive system and who knows how many prescription drugs.



I just would like you to know I have had relief since I read your book and abide by your instructions. The litmus paper arrived and everything seems to be ok there too. I haven't gone back to any of the type of food I used to eat, but I know I will have to try it when I get up the nerve. This having no heartburn and no pain is so wonderful...I can't thank you enough.

I'm laid up right now with a sprained foot, using a walker that the doctor prescribed, now I feel like an old lady of 75. We have so much snow here so I can't get out much. It's my right foot so it's hard to drive but when I have to do it I will.

Thank you for everything. Joyce Marr

Hi William:

It's been almost 2 1/2 months since I wrote you last and I just wanted to let you know what a difference your book has made in my life. I was in constant discomfort, and thanks to you suggestions I am 95% back to the way I was. It has been such a relief to understand what is going on in my body and to be able to cope without using presciption after prescription. I am now completely off Nexium, and I feel great.

Thank you so much for all your help.


Dear William

Thank you so much for your quick response l am trying the tea and the gum and it has been working,the pain is not as bad as it used to be and anything is good and ur help in the knowledge and awareness of the acid reflux has really relax my nerves in a sense of knowing where,why some of these things are happening to me thank you for ur time if l may help u in anyway l can,let me know and l will follow up with my doctor as l have made him aware of this as he seemed in total unawareness of it......Rose

Because of you my girlfriend can now enjoy everything she likes without having to worry about any heartburn

I myself can enjoy her enjoying everything she likes without having to worry about heartburn. It's been quite a while since
she starting using your system and it continues to work just fine.

Thanks again.
Another happy customer, John Cheeseman and Tuyet
Kieu and family

As promised I am writing to let you know that thanks to your advice I am feeling a 100% better!

At first I thought the remedy was too simple, but I realized that as I made the suggested changes in my diet, etc., did that thing every night I began to feel better.

As a result of reading your book I have also started taking bee pollen, in addition you prompted me to start taking a better look and care of what I eat so that I can be healthy overall. 

I was experiencing side effects from my medication for acid reflux and I prayed and ask God to heal me and He did, by leading me to your site and your solution was natural, that's what I needed!

May God bless your business and I pray that you will continue to place people first as you have shown (it's a rare quality to find).

Thanks sooo much!

Novlette Castillo

Dear Mr. Lagadyn:

I feel that I would be most unappreciative, if I didn't write you a note and express my gratitude to you. I purchased your  book in early Jan. of this year. You called me and we spoke on the phone and I was then so grateful because I had cause for hope.

I remember you telling me "Girl you're going to get better!"

You were the only person to tell me that.

I embarked upon your simple, logical, well-researched plan and 2 weeks later I was eating grapefruit and drinking lemon juice for breakfast.

I continued the routine for about another 6 weeks. Since then I have felt perfectly normal. (I'm still celebrating! ) I have thanked my Heavenly Father for you on numerous occasions and I will continue to do so.

I am sorry that you also had to suffer, but so many of us have benefited from your discovery. I will never cease to be amazed at the way that God answers our prayers. You were his answer to mine.

Thank you, thank you,

Kay Mosser

Hi William:

I just got off the phone with you and I am very thankful for your help, this has been a real hard month with this disease. Your information has been a conformation to all that I have been thinking for the last while.

With asthma that has not been diagnosed properly, and with GERD mixed with the infection in my bronchia I have found going to the doctor to be a total waste of time. You have given me more help in a 10 minute conversation!

Thank you for the simple but effective advise, and to help me confirm some of my thoughts!

Bless you,

Sandy and Grace


I accidentally found your website a week ago when I was looking up info on Zantac. The Doc told me to start taking it, but I didn't really want to do that, so I looked for affirmative info to verify my feelings, and there it was, your website.

I have been burping my way through the last 30 years of my life. No one could tell me how to stop it. I don't believe in using drugs, but that might have been my next step after much chest discomfort. I double checked with an EKG to make sure my heart is okay. It is.

So now I am using your system and. I burp very little now. Thank you so much for this miracle of a solution.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Phyllis Franks

Thank you very much. I was able to download your files and have printed "Heartburn", the file that caught my interest. I am a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. Thus I have treated patients with this problem. From what I have seen, your article should be very helpful for lay persons as well as physicians. You have thoroughly covered the subject.


Dick Hughes

Attn: W. Lagadyn

First of all, William, I want to thank you for your expertise (e-book). It's been a Godsend! I never get e-books or buy things on internet, but, I was thinking drastically that there is something going on in my body that scared the heck out of me!

I was only eating a microwaved cheese sandwich once a day, because of the extreme burning. I saw your ad and did not hesitate to order!!!

Drastic times called for drastic measures! I eat, get burning, I drink, even water - and get burning, I don't eat- get burning. I was at my wits end.


Thank you and God bless you!


Dear William,

I must thank you.

Your simple methods in two days have fixed what 2.5 months of PPI's and numerous visits to a GP and Gastroenterologist couldn't

The Gastro said, "Don't worry plenty of people take PPI's for the rest of their lives, it's normal".

I can not believe this treatment is not used by doctors or more widely by the community, as I speak to many sufferers of heartburn who are on PPI's, H2 Blockers and Antacids long term.

May your methods be more wide spread and your business grow as you dserve it, as you are a true humanitarian

Thank you sincerely,

Aaron Smith

Hi William,

it's been almost 2 1/2 months since I wrote you last and I just wanted to let you know what a difference your book has made in my life. I was in constant discomfort, and thanks to you suggestions I am 95% back to the way I was. It has been such a relief to understand what is going on in my body and to be able to cope without using prescription after prescription. I am now completely off Nexium, and I feel great.

Thank you so much for all your help.


Dear Mr. Lagadyn,

I want to thank you very much for your book and your advice. What Doctors had told me was basically a lie that I have a disease called acid reflux.
Henry Johnson

I followed your advice and I'm acid reflux free. I want to thank you very much for listening to me and helping with your book and your advice was the solution to my acid reflux thank you very much

God Bless You!!! Thank You!!!!!!!

Fernando Ramirez

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